360 Total Security Free Antivirus

360 Total Security Free Antivirus for Windows

Keep your Windows PC secure!
DownloadQihoo’s 360 Total Security is a high– quality antivirus to cover your Windows PC from malware, phishing, and other vicious attacks. With a simple and clean interface, the tool provides you with several features. The intuitive sense of the UI makes it easier to navigate through different settings. Since it’s a featherlight program, it does n’t affect system performance and runs easily in the background. Some of the most prominent features of 360 Total Security Premium include sequestration protectionsecure browsing, and sandboxing. There’s also a 360 Total Security Premium interpretation, which comes with advanced features.

Comprehensive contagion reviews and other features!
Developed by Qihoo, a prominent company in China, 360 Total Security is a free antivirus program. As part of the tool, you get a comprehensive PC conservation suit and a power– packed security tool. The program protects your PC from contagions, ransomware, phishing, spyware, and malware attacks. At the core of the checkup machine and AI machine, 360 Total Security uses the same technologies and machines available on Bitdefender and Avira.

Also, the antivirus software offers webcam protection, shopping protection, and keylogger blocking. While using the program, you can also profit from automatic Wi-Fi security checks, while the tool installs new patches for Adobe, Java, Win, and several other popular operations. As mentioned before, 360 Total Security comes with colorful PC conservation tools, and as similarpets up the operating system.
Is 360 Total Security easy to use?
Compared to Avast and other popular apps, 360 Total Security has a simple and clean interface. The menus and icons are easily lined up for better visibility. With hasslefree and fast navigation, you don’t witness any issues using the multiple features of the programAlso, if you don’t like the dereliction interface, it’s possible to use a different theme.

With a‘ Full Check’, you can run a complete contagion discovery checkup of your computer, including a malware checkup. In order to get access to specific features, you can visit the ‘Virus Overlook’ section, which will display different options. 360 Total Security lets you run a‘ Quick Overlook’, which takes about 5 twinkles to find several security pitfalls and issues.
Dispensable to say, the‘ Full Overlook’ takes longer to complete. You can anticipate the program to complete a comprehensive checkup in about 60 twinkles. During the process, it goes through every brochure and train in the hard fragment. It’s always a good idea to run a‘ Full Overlook’ once a month to cover the overall health of your PC.

Does it offer malware protection?
Malware protection is one of the most prominent features of 360 Total Security. The moment you launch a train or brochure with a trouble, the program identifies the issue and shows a announcement. Once you switch to ‘Security’ from the ‘Balanced Mode’, the tool automatically scans every train on the system. After relating vicious lines, 360 Total Security deletes them within 30 seconds.

Does it offer ransomware protection?
When it comes to ransomware protection, 360 Total Security comes with an intriguing point called Ransomware Terminator. It has been developed to cover your sensitive and nonpublic documents from ransomware. The biggest advantage of Ransomware Terminator is the real– time monitoring combined with automatic backups. Like utmost features in 360 Total Security, this bone also runs easily in the background and does n’t affect system performance.

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Compared to AVG, 360 Total Security is effective against system crashesvicious tampering, and other issues caused due to ransomware. Depending on the websites you suds on the internet, hackers and culprits may demand large totalities of plutocrat to decipher your attacked lines. 360 Total Security keeps you defended from similar vicious conditioning, and makes sure your Microsoft Windows PC remains secure.

What are the other features?
Most popular antivirus programs like Kaspersky cover your PC from phishing attacks. The same is true for 360 Total Security. A lot of phishing websites try to imitate bank spots to steal your credentials. You may indeed be tricked into participating your login word. 360 Total Security is suitable to identify similar websites and keeps you defended against phishing attacks.

The program comes with a wide range of redundant features, utmost of which concentrate on perfecting your system’s performance and trust ability. For case, ‘Cleanup’ can be seen on the dashboard, and makes sure your hard drive doesn’t have gratuitous lines. You can pierce the point with a single click.

Also, the‘ Overlook’ point checks junk lines and plug– sways on the system to clean the hard fragment. There’s also a ‘Speedup’ point, which can be actuated within a couple of clicks in the dashboard. With ‘Optimize’, you can ameliorate system performance and insure minimum lags and crashes. Compared to popular tune-up software, 360 Total Security is a solid choice.

As mentioned before, there’s also a point for ‘Patch Ups’. It automatically downloads updates for the most generally used programs on your PC. Also, the ‘Wi-Fi Check’ function performs word strength and DNS security checks for comprehensive internet security. ‘Sandbox’ and‘ Secure Online Shopping’ are also part of the package.

While 360 Total Security comes with a wide range of features, it’s a featherlight program that doesn’t need a lot of system coffers. As similar, you can run reviews in the background while working on different programs on your PC. 360 Total Security needs 200 MB RAM and1.5 GB Hard Fragment. It’s worth mentioning that the program is available on Windows, Mac, and Android.

An excellent choice to secure your PC!
With 360 Total Security, you get a wide range of features. Also, the simple and clean interface of the program allows you to navigate with ease. While the Premium edition comes with advanced features and helps you get relieve of announcements, 360 Total Security free edition is sufficient for particular useOverall, it’s a good choice to keep your Windows 10, Mac, and Android bias secure.


360 Total Security Free Antivirus for Windows


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