Download 3uTools for Windows

A jailbreaking tool for iOS bias

Download3uTools is a free each- by-one data operation and jailbreaking tool for Windows druggies with Apple bias. The program works as a data director for backing up and managing documents, multimedia lines, and connections. Its jailbreaking point allows you to bypass restrictions and unlock fresh capabilities. 3uTools download for Windows is designed to work on iPhones, iPads, as well as iPods, and requires you to download iTunes to serve effectively.

What’s 3uTools?
The core functionality of 3uTools is its jailbreaking capacity for Apple iOS bias. By using the program, you can bypass Apple’s restrictions and gain full control of your device. When you jailbreak your device, you can install apps that are n’t available on the iTunes App Store, use your phone as free WiFi, customize its overall look, and access and tweak its core train system. While jailbreaking is n’t illegal, it does abate the bond of the device.

Piecemeal from being jailbreaking software, 3uTools is an effective data operation program. It lets druggies download genuine and free iOS operations, HD wallpapers, as well as ringtones. You can use this tool to back up important data, manage your photos, music, vids, documents, connections, and apps. The free tool also lets you view detailed information about your device along with its different statuses on activation, battery, iCloud cinch, and jailbreak.

Easy-to- install and use
The installation process of 3uTools is fairly simple as it does n’t bear any configuration. Still, to use the tool’s colorful functionalities, you need working knowledge of jailbreaking and other firmware performances. The first time you launch the software, you have to connect your iOS device to the computer. Formerly connected, the tool detects the device and opens a dashboard that contains its colorful features.

Simple and clean interface
You can fluently pierce 3uTools’main functions from the primary dashboard that opens up after the installation is complete. The opened window displays an image of the connected device as well as some statistics. You can fluently see the model of your device, the iOS interpretation installed, storehouse capacity, product type, model number, IMEI, and UDID, among other information. However, you can pierce farther details about your device, all of which you can save on a textbook train, If you click on the Further option.

Piecemeal from displaying the primary information about your device, the tool has other buttons and tabs like Reboot, Shut Down, Flash Jailbreak, Easy Flash, Pro Flash, Jailbreak, and Advanced. All of these combined offer colorful capabilities to druggies who wish to manage or jailbreak their device. Druggies also get a devoted tab to download firmware and to see whether it supports flash or jailbreak.

Intelligent jailbreaking tool
You can use 3uTools’ different jailbreaking tabs to unlock a range of fresh device capabilities. With the Easy Flash option, druggies can import sanctioned firmware updates without taking an Apple account. The option also allows you to see the mode in which you connected your device. When jailbreaking, it doesn’t matter if your device is in normal, DFU, or recovery mode.

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The Flash Jailbreak option allows druggies to pierce colorful other functions of the tool, including downloading firmware that Apple no longer supports. With the Pro Flash tab, druggies can flash and spark custom firmware and see whether the device they’re using supports jailbreak or flash. Piecemeal from the one-click function to spark the jailbreak process, the tool also gives druggies advanced functions like SHSH backup, as well as baseband downgrade and upgrade option.

Varied flashing capabilities
3uTools provides druggies with colorful options to flash different firmware performances to their iOS device. You can fluently pierce the introductory flashing function, which only requires you to choose the asked firmware and click on the Flash button. Alternately, you can conclude for complex functionalities to configure parameters that are slightly advanced. You can open SSH, emplace activation, cancel invalid icons, check system partition size, and skip baseband upgrade.

All-in-one director
Piecemeal from letting druggies jailbreak or flash iDevices, 3uTools offers a collection of other features for better device operation. You can use the tool to restore or coagulate your iOS device, clean cache lines from your desktop, resettle data from one device to another, and check real- time logs. The jailbreaking software program also allows druggies to produce ringtones, convert vids, compress photos, and cancel gratuitous data. It’s simple to use and can serve as an each- by-one iOS director.

Is 3uTools safe?
3uTools implements a variety of security measures to insure that your particular information and data are safe. Though jailbreaking a device is n’t illegal, it does violate Apple’s bond-so if commodity goes wrong during the jailbreak process, you’ll have to fix it yourself. Also, jailbreaking removes the device protection walls erected by Apple, so you have to be redundant careful when downloading apps. You may not know if you ’re installing an app containing malware.

Is 3uTools free?
Yes, 3uTools, along with all its features is free to use and available for download on any Windows device running Windows 7 and over.

Can 3uTools remove the activation cinch?
Numerous people wonder if they can use 3uTools to remove or bypass the activation cinch that appears on their iOS device. The answer is that you can unleash your device using the software, but there isn’t an option to remove the iCloud activation cinch.

Are there any druthers?
While 3uTools is a sought-after device operation tool, it doesn’t presently support jailbreak of bias with iOS9.1 and over. In case you want to check out druthers with some analogous features, you can explore iTools for Windows, i-FunBox for Windows, and Wonder share Dr. Fone for iOS for Windows.

Should I download 3uTools?
Any of the features available in 3uTools could be excellent standalone programs. From jailbreaking and flashing to converting vids and scrap cleaning, the software has multitudinous device operation tools. It can help you unleash your phone’s capabilities, tweak the core train system, and download apps that aren’t supported by Apple. In case you ’re looking for any of these capabilities, you should download 3uTools. It’s free and easy to use and indeed works if your device is in recovery mode.


Download 3uTools for Windows