Adjust Laptop Brightness for Windows

Acclimate screen brilliance

DownloadRogosSoft has developed Acclimate Laptop Brilliance (ALB). It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8 and 10. Download and use the free trial for 15 days.

ALB gives you brilliance controls for the screen on your laptop, tablet, netbook or ultrabook. It’s not only easier on your eyes, but it also allows your battery and backlight of your examiner to last longer. You can either shroud your screen or make it lustrously. It’s easy to pierce from your system charger. Or you can try DimScreen to change screen brilliance in a many clicks.

ALB features
With ALB, you can acclimate the brilliance of your screen to a comfortable position. It’s easy to view the current brilliance setting from the announcement area on the taskbar. The software will turn off your screen when not demanded and reduce the brilliance when the system is idle. It allows you to change the illumination from the smallest to the loftiest setting. You can also use ALB to calibrate your examiner on incipiency. It supports numerous screen types, like TV, LED and backlight LED.

The app is featherlight and uses many coffers. The slider also fades down when not used for a many seconds.

ALB settings
The software gives you a many customization settings by opting or declining the options. The available options are to

Calibrate your examiner on incipiency.
Show the brilliance slider in the center of the screen.
Fade Brilliance slider after any number of seconds.

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Reduce brilliance position to any number from a dropdown list after any number of twinkles that it’s been idle.
Turn off the examiner after a asked number of idle seconds.
Once you have customized these options, brilliance control is easy. You click the icon on the system charger and drag the slider up or down to acclimate the brilliance. You can also choose from minimal or maximum brilliance position or to restore to the dereliction. Other options include the capability to hide the slider, turn off your screen or exit the menu.

Flexible brilliance adaptations
Acclimate Laptop Brilliance gives you a flexible display appendage for Microsoft Windows operating systems. This nifty mileage can calibrate your examiner on incipiency, shroud it if your system is idle and indeed turn it off after not being used for a certain period. Unfortunately, the free trial lasts only fifteen days but it’ll be enough time for you to decide to upgrade to the paid subscription.


Download Adjust Laptop Brightness for Windows