Anvi Folder Locker Free for Windows

DownloadAnvi Folder Locker is a free security tool that has been developed to help you manage and cover your important lines. With Anvi Folder Locker, you can lock your particular lines to cover your sequestrationset watchwords to lines so other druggies will have no access to them. Anvi Folder Locker Free also allows you to add warrants to your lines to stop them from being modified, destructed or removed.

Crucial features include

Add a Permission With train warrants, like CinchRead Only, Hide and Lock, your lines can not be modifiedcopied or removed.
Hide Train or Folder Hide important or nonpublic lines.

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Word– Protect Set a word to a train or brochure so only stoner with the valid word can gain access to it.
Specialized Support24 hour online specialized support.

Anvi Folder Locker is good at what it does, still there aren’t a lot of customizable features, similar as the capability to elect specific encryption algorithms. That being said, for the standard stoner, if you need to add an redundant subcaste of security to your data, also Anvi Folder Locker is a good tool.


Download Anvi Folder Locker Free for Windows