Baidu Browser for Windows

Easy-to-use and attractive UI!

DownloadBaidu Browser, formerly called Baidu Spark Browser, is a Chromium-based internet browser. Since it uses the same engine that powers Google Chrome, Baidu comes with changeable skins, attractive UI, and seamless integration with Facebook. Additionally, it allows you to download videos and capture screenshots right from the web browser window. With revamped security features, the browser has left behind talks of privacy issues and aims to add more interesting features in the coming months.

Plenty of browser features and fast speed!

Baidu is an alternative browser, which comes in handy when you’re primarily looking to download videos, browse the internet, and capture screenshots without any hassles. Since the interface is similar to Chrome, you’ll need just a couple of minutes to make yourself familiar with the navigation and features. Despite security measures, the connection is quick and lets you browse the internet at an excellent speed.

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Baidu Browser is a free internet browser for devices running Windows 7 and above. Formerly known as Baidu Spark Browser, the web-based program runs on the Chromium platform. It’s fast, lightweight, and has a customizable interface. The intuitive web browser also comes with a variety of unique features, including gesture control, built-in media download and torrent client, and video pop-up player, among others. The browser comes revamped with security features and is also available to Android users.

Lightweight, fast, and secure

Leaving behind its privacy concerns, the latest version of Baidu comes with various features, a changeable and attractive UI, as well as revamped security. Based on Chromium, the software is easy to download, lightweight, and fast. One of the reasons behind its growing popularity is the increase in the number of interesting features that it has to offer.

Users have the option to capture screenshots, download media files, easily integrate with social media sites like Facebook, and do a lot more. Moreover, Baidu’s intuitive interface offers many capabilities missing in other web browsers. It comes equipped with an in-built virus scanner, torrent downloader and ads blocker, which make browsing and downloading, a fast and seamless experience.


Download Baidu Browser for Windows