Dark Theme for Windows

DownloadIf you want a unique look for your Windows 7 PC, it’s best to stick with one color scheme. To do this, select the “ometric” style of theme that Microsoft provides. This type of theme will work with all of the new Windows systems that have been released in recent years, including Vista and XP. Here are some other tips on creating an awesome Windows 7 theme.

Dark theme for your desktop The best thing to do if you’re looking to create a unique dark theme for Windows 7 is to go with a dark theme that has high contrast with the background colors that you’ll be using. You can pick from two kinds of dark theme for Windows 7: either a high Contrast theme that won’t appear as attractive no matter what kind of background you use, or a low Contrast theme that does require some tweaking on Windows to get it to look great. With a low Contrast theme, you will only notice the dark part of your screen when the mouse pointer is clicked on something dark. With a high Contrast theme, however, you will see the full-screen background with the white background when the mouse pointer is clicked on anything.

Create your own dark mode theme Windows 7 comes with its own share of “shades,” or visual effects that make Windows look cool, especially when used together with their corresponding visual impact. For example, the Charcoal mode highlight in the top right corner of the screen creates a nice effect to lighten up the entire background while highlighting the important areas of your web page. Another cool visual effect that you can create with the “aturation” option present in the theme options for Windows is to increase or decrease the contrast depending upon the time of day. With a Windows 8 dark theme, you can easily change the time of day and get a different look every day of the week. There are many other cool options that you can explore when creating your own dark mode theme.


Download Dark Theme for Windows