Download Activator for Windows

Activator a fast way to minimise inactive windows
Activator is a featherlight operation that can snappily minimise all inactive windows, leaving you with only the window you’re using open. The intention then’s to produce a clean, distraction-free terrain to work in with minimum trouble on the part of the stoner.

The main magnet of Activator is one of convenience, since it doesn’t do anything you couldn’t do yourself, but it does do it more fluently and snappily. You might consider combining Activator with commodity like Clean Master or Clean Space to produce a truly clean desktop terrain.

Snippersnapper and simple to use
Activator doesn’t have any settings to worry about and doesn’t take up any space in memory. This is because the app doesn’t run constantly — it only runs when you launch it, whereupon it incontinently minimises all of the windows that aren’t presently active (that is, the bones you aren’t presently using) and also closes itself.

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This does mean that you’ll have to have a roadway to the app to hand to make it useful, since having to go looking for Activator when you want to clean up the desktop will defy the point of the app. Unless you have dozens and dozens of windows open and searching for the app would still be hastily than minimising the windows manually.

Not a necessary operation but can be useful
Many would call Activator a must- have app, since you would need to regularly have a lot of windows open to make it feel necessary. That being said, the app doesn’t consume memory and takes up next to no space on your computer’s storehouse. You can also set up a macro to launch the app, making it suitable to be launched at the press of a key.

One thing to note about the app is that it can’t always close windows that don’t have a title, similar as certain media player windows and apps with custom interface designs. This doesn’t affect numerous apps, but when the sole purpose of the app is to minimise windows, not being suitable to minimise some windows is a conspicuous excrescence.


Download Activator for Windows