Download MathType for Windows

Equation creator and editor
DownloadMathType is an educational desktop program developed by Design Science. The graphical editor is used only for creating fine equations in a full graphical What You See Is What You Get or WYSIWYG terrain. This means you can directly enter colorful fine luxury languages similar as TeX, LaTeX, and MathML. It’s also integrated with other office and productivity software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Apple Runners. By uniting with these desktop operations, you can snappily add equations and formulas onto your documents. MathType for Windows is compatible with Windows 7 or newer as well as Microsoft Office 2007 or newer.

The purpose of MathType is to help druggies format fine equations. Whether the content will appear in handbooks or specialized formulas, the program has an expansive set of tools that can help you produce equations that are over to publication norms. You can specify which equations were penned on MathType as well as unite with other authors andpost-production staff using the platform.

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It also allows druggies to work efficiently as it automatically conforms to transnational mathematics typesetting conventions. This helps maintain the thickness and quality of your work. The tools can be penetrated from different intertwined platforms. Its most notable capability is to edit the formulas that were created on Microsoft Equation3.0 and Microsoft OMML equation editor. Should you use MathType with MS Word, you’ll find the MathType strip on the word processor.
Its capabilities include fitting inline and display equations, convert and format all equations of a Word document, include references to numbered equations, and type LaTeX directly on a Word document. MathType recognizes at least 800 programs, web operations, and websites in addition to conniving software and computer algebra systems. This means that it can integrate with any program in need of an equation editor.

Customization options
The main draw of MathType is that it offers a WYSIWYG layout, allowing druggies to incontinently start using the program with the tools handed in the toolbars. Once you have familiarized yourself with the program, you can customize it to fit your requirements. Lanes, styling, and affair translators can be customized to meet your formatting preferences similar as alignment, fountain styles, sizes, distance, and other customization options sourced from integrated programs. The formulas you use the most can be placed on the toolbar.
Rather than codifying the formula constantly, you can elect it from the toolbar. The wide selection of sources and other formatting styles is to help you match the appearance of the equation to the rest of the document. It can also be used to help the equation stand out. The program features a predefined list of styles that are generally used amongst reference or education books. Multiple preference styles are also available for you to apply different styles in one design.

Full- featured equation editor
MathType is a suitable suite of products you can use to edit equations. This can range from simple algebraic equations for primary and secondary education to complex formulas honored by assiduity professionals. Its comity with other productivity programs makes its capabilities accessible to colorful authors. Whether they use it functions on the MathType program itself or with other operations, they can apply the equations on documents with ease.


Download MathType for Windows