Download Rainbow Folders for Windows

Creating and Sorting Rainbow Folders With This Windows XP Sidebar Clock Software

DownloadRainbow Folders is a freeware operation developed by Piotr Chodziński for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It’s an extremely useful tool for creating multiple “Rainbow Folders” within a single operation. These are little virtual flyers which can be dragged and dropped on a desktop or other Windows PC display. In addition, they can be dragged and dropped on a secondary display, similar as a Windows Explorer-suchlike window.

Rainbow Folders is veritably analogous in conception to the well given Windows XP sidebar timepiece operation. The only major difference I can see in the way of Rainbow Folders functionality is the lack of an icon representing a brochure. So, what does this mean? In simple terms, you’d see the two separate icons for creating and sorting your rainbow flyers on your desktop or task bar as in the Windows Explorer toolbar. And you would use the same introductory functions- dragging and dropping, and double- clicking to name just a many- exactly the same as you do with the Windows XP sidebar timepiece.

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Piotr Chodzinksi has made one of the stylish Windows programs for optimizing your computer’s performance, furnishing you with a speeded-up desktop and barring numerous common slow- campo and crimes that come with using a computer. As far as I am concerned, this software product is one of the most outstanding products available on the request, especially considering that it was developed by a fairly unknown Polish software inventor. As a result, it comes with an exceptional list of specialized support and other extended services, similar as online tech support and online help. While this software product may not be the fastest or most largely featured program on the request, it clearly is one of the most effective and effective, which is why Piotr Chodzinksi is among the top products available on the open- source request moment.


Download Rainbow Folders for Windows