Earn money from your travel photos

Earn money from your travel photos

Now earning money is becoming very easy by the use of social media as the value of the market place has reached to the next level through means of networking site. Freelancing and Fiverr are one of the best sites for earning money by remaining at home.

However, everybody is in the queue to get the best wage through means of social media. So have you ever thought selling the photo? That’s what! You read the right thing here, your photo that relates to travelling or any other category like any sport or may be any scenery! Sometimes you click the most beautiful sight that most of the sites while writing the content prefer your one click with their related content.

Keep in mind that selling a photo is not that much easy, it needs a lot of practice and it needs hours to click the best one and hence there is also no guarantee that the image clicked with hours of practice is valid for selling or not! I am just getting much real not wondering to break the expectations.

As we all know that can see the world by just viewing different places photos in the world. Therefore, photography has now entered into the tool of earning money. For example if we think that our photos are worthless then we wrong, as James Wheeler blogger recently told Peta Pixel community that he earned $4,000 just on one photo over the last five years.

Actually, all the websites and the search engine recommend or need photo to describe the place on the global map and due to this the content, articles, news, blogs and features and many related categories needs a photo or a portrait to describe their vision.

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In reality it is also a daring thing to find a picture or an image that could satisfy you words or written content and eventually, I used to face this issue on a daily basis when I started and posted the article but with the passage of time the problem decline and this all credit goes to the seller of images.

You might be in confusion room that how anyone can sell the picture on website? All these measurements are done with the websites related to the google who buy images from the sellers like shutterlock.com and istockphoto.com. Whenever you search any image on Google search bar with the keywords the search engine manipulate that keyword in the result of different categories in which the images is one of the categorized panel where all the images that are buy by the search engine google and the websites as mentioned above display on the screen and you know what makes the most valued photo most valuable that is viewed and recommended the most through several clicks is just placed on the top for some days until any other image get the sudden or more likes than the image on the top of the search image.

But the question here’s that how you earn money? Actually, you upload a photo on the google site and even on google map they gets the money on the points and on the number of the views. When someone is searching for the specific term the picture will display on and will automatically move on the higher rank.

So, in this way the picture will be set up by the search engine. As more the photo will be shared and clicked it will move on the first page with popular keywords and it will stay until more images come in.
But for such remarks the image must be more generic towards traffic audience. For instance, the images of travelling, roads, historical places, landmarks, landscapes and the very specific photo of scenery that makes the people breathless to “wow” are considered to make you earn some bucks.

So don’t assume as a day dreamer get your earning start now if you are a photographer and you think that you have the guts to capture the smirk moments of life in your camera that can enroll in famous list of search engine, let it start now! But be sure that the picture must be different and beyond the expectation of anybody’s assumptions. Smartphone cameras and DSLR photos can be posted on istockphoto.com and shutterstock.com sites on 15 percent revenue on each photo.

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