Free Screen Recorder for Windows

Screen Prisoner software

DownloadFree Screen Archivist is a screen recording software developed by Thundersoft. At15.6 MB, it’s a featherlight program able of recording your computer screen. This includes landing the audio from vids and microphones contemporaneously. It’s compatible with all Windows bias running Windows XP and aged. It offers four restatements, videlicet English, French, German, and Portugues. This is suitable for druggies that partake or upload videotape tutorials and software demonstrations. Its plain stoner interface makes it accessible to all druggies.

Archivist for casual druggies
Free Screen Archivist allows you to capture full- screen, binary- observers or stoner- defined windows. You can also record media from your webcam, add watermarks and fit textbook while recording your screen. The affair comes in five high- quality videotape formats MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, and H264. Windows 10 druggies can anticipate their affair to be in 4k videotape resolution with 60 frames per nanosecond.

You can elect your target screen or window, audio recording and train destination on the program’s main runner. You can configure the program by opting the settings button on the nethermost right- hand corner. Then, you’ll be suitable to reset all aspects of the software, including its hotkeys. You can produce your own recording hotkeys for Launch, Pause, Stop, and Screenshot.

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Thunder soft’s Free Screen Archivist is a compact prisoner software that offers high- quality screen and audio recordings. It can be incontinently used once it’s launched, but it also offers lots of options to enhance your recordings or produce a more effective recording session. These simple capabilities make it a good choice for improvisational recordings similar as streaming games and recording donations.


Download Free Screen Recorder for Windows