HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool for Windows

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool for Windows

DownloadThe HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool allows you to format a USB Flash drive too FAT, FAT32, and NTFS file systems. It also allows you to create a DOS startup disk, but this is not very useful with modern versions of Windows.

Even though this tool is from 2014, it is still widely recommended by Flash drive manufacturers as the suggested tool to format USB Drives. It should be noted that you need to run the program with Administrative privileges for it to work properly.

A portable, lightweight tool
The popular Windows formatting software has been developed by HP (Hewlett Packard), one of the most reliable IT companies in the world. The application’s interface looks similar to the native Microsoft disk management tool. It ensures a seamless and smooth user experience for people already familiar with the Windows program.

How to use the program?
The lightweight disk formatting program does not need installation on a computer’s hard drive. You only need to download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool before getting started with various features and functionalities. While the app can resolve storage issues on a desktop or laptop, it’s lightweight as it does not require much RAM or CPU resources.

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Since the program comes with a simple interface, it leads to easy management of hard drive formatting. A small window gives multiple options to select the device, volume label, formatting options, file system, etc.

From the drop-down menu, you can choose a device to format, which can be a hard drive, external storage disk, etc. You can access the ‘File System’ options to convert the files into NTFS and FAT32 formats. The program allows you to label the volume in the section below ‘File System’.

The app features a dedicated ‘Format Options’ category, which lets you boot, compress and format the disk. On default, the program keeps the ‘Quick Format’ area marked. In case you choose to unmark this option, the file conversion process will take longer to complete. Apart from hard drive and USB formatting, the tool compresses files to create more storage space.

How to remove write protection?
Sometimes, there will be an error message that could pause the operation. In most cases, it states, ‘Device Media is Write Protected’. Once this pop-up appears, you can only choose from ‘X’ or ‘Ok’ before resolving the issue.

Fortunately, the disk formatting program lets you remove write protection. To do this, you can open the ‘Command Prompt’ window. You need to enter a few phrases in the window. These can be learnt from the Windows formatting app’s built-in tutorials. Once the drive or disk has been converted, you can continue working with the available formatting option.

After successfully removing write protection, you will be able to boot the drive or disk. However, you’ll have to run the hard drive formatting app as an admin. Just right-click on the icon and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.


Download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool for Windows