2nd Year – English
Important (Idioms + Meanings + Sentences)

A red-letter dayخوشی کا دنEid is a red-letter day for Muslims
A birds eye viewطائرانہ جائزہWe got a bird’s eye view of the city from the top of the tower
A bone of contentionفساد کی جڑKashmir is a bone of contention between India and Pakistan
A blind alleyبند گلیCorrupt politicians have put Pakistan into a blind alley
A bolt from the blueناگہانی آفتThe news of his son’s accident was a bolt from the blue for him
A cat’s pawکسی کا کام کرنے والاHe is a cat’s paw of his boss
Child’s playبچوں کا کھیلIt is not a child’s play to write a good book in a month
Bad bloodرنجش ہوناThere is no bad blood between the two brothers
Blue bloodاعلی نسبThough Ali is poor, he has blue blood in his family
A gala dayخوشی کا دنEid is a gala day for Muslims
A man of lettersپڑھا لکھا شخصQuaid-e-Azam was a man of letters
Darkhorseچھپا رستمSaleem is a dark horse; I did not know that he had written a novel
Blessing in disguiseایک چھپی ہوئی رحمتSometimes, a misfortune comes as a blessing in disguise to us
Break the iceخاموشی توڑناSaleem broke the ice by suggesting that they should play cards
A fishy storyفرضی کہانیNobody trusts him because of his fishy stories
A fish out of waterسخت بے چینی میںI felt like a fish out of water in my new school
A man of partsاصولوں کا پکاQuaid-e-Azam was a man of parts
A wet blanketایک حوصلہ شکن انسانNobody likes a wet blanket because of his discouraging behavior
A wild goose chaseبےکار کی کوششYour attempt to pass the examination without hard work would be a wild goose chase
A white elephantسفید ہاتھیAli is a white elephant for his family as he is sit idle
A feather in one’s capباعث تسکین کا نامہThis success is a feather in your cap
A rainy dayمشکل دور کیلئےSaleem saves money for the rainy days of old age
A narrow escapeبال بال بچناSaleem fell into the river but had a narrow escape from drowning
An axe to grindاپنا مطلب نکالناI have no political axe of grind
At a stone’s throwقریب ہیں واقع ہوناI never arrive late because my college is a stone’s throw from my house.
At a lossپریشان ہو جاناSaleem is at a loss to decide whether he should marry or not
At stakeخطرے میںWe cannot take the risk when our life is at stake
An eyewashفضول باتDo not talk about such eyewash
At dagger’s drawnدشمنی ہوناShe is at a daggers drawn with her husband
At a stretchلگاتارThe hardworking students study long at a stretch
At one’s back and callحکم کا منتظر رہناHe did not want to be at her back and call all day long
Apple pie orderترتیب سےHis desk is always in apple-pie order
At the eleventh hourعین وقت پرHe called off his plan at the eleventh hour
At cross purposesمختلف مقاصد رکھناI think we are talking at cross purposes
At largeآزاد کرناThe two robbers are still at large
All earsکان لگا کر سنناKeep on speaking, I am all ears
At sixes and sevensبےترتیبAll the files are at sixes and sevens on the desk
Back outوعدہ توڑناHe backed out his promise
Bag and baggageساز و سامان کے ساتھHe threw her out of the house, bag and baggage
Beat about the bushادھر ادھر کی باتیں کرناStop beating about the bush and get to the point
Around the clockلگاتارHe was working hard around the clock
At lengthآخرکارAt length, Saleem won her love
Better halfبیویHis better half is a lady doctor
Blackoutیاداشت کم ہو جاناHe has a total blackout for events of the evening
Break the newsاچانک خبر سناناHe broke the news of her father’s death to her
Bear outتصدیق کرناHe bore out the news of his father’s death
Burn midnight oilمحنت کرناHe burnt the midnight oil to pass the examination
A blue-eyed boyپسندیدہAli is a blue-eyed boy for everyone
A bluestockingادیب عورتHaseena Moin is a bluestocking; she often writes new dramas
A bull in china shopدیہاتیA villager entered the  library like a bull in the china shop
A broken reedناقابل اعتبار شخصI cannot trust him, as he is a broken reed
A fair-weather friendمطلبی دوستFairweather friends leave in difficulties
A hard and fast ruleواضح اصولWe have to follow the hard and fast rules of this office
A live wireپھرتیلاThe manager of this company is really a live wire
At loggerheadsجھگڑے میں ہوناPakistan and Afghanistan are at loggerheads in these days
All moonshineنظر کا دھوکاFancy dresses are all moonshine
A maiden speechپہلی تقریرHe delivered his maiden speech in the college
A hairbreadth escapeبال بال بچناHe had a narrow escape from drowning.
Casting voteفیصلہ کن ووٹThe last match between Pakistan and England will be a casting vote match.
Bring homeسمجھاناThe teacher brought home this topic.
Blow hot and coldکبھی کچھ کبھی کچھHe blows hot and cold about going abroad.
Beside oneselfآپے سے باہر ہوناThe teacher was beside himself with anger when Aslam told a lie.
Carry the dayجیت جاناOur team carried the day in the final.
Carry weightاہمیت ہوناHis arguments carry weight.
Cast a spellسحر زدہ کرنا، جادو کر  دیناHer matchless beauty casts a spell over me.
Cock and bull storyبے تکی کہانیاںHe told me a cock and bull story about his failure in the exams.
Burn the candle at both endsدولت ضائع کرناYou will fall ill if you keep on burning the candle at both ends.
Call into questionشک کا اظہار کرناHis honesty cannot be called into question.
As cool as cucumberپرسکون مطمئنA great leader remains cool as a cucumber in all circumstances.
Close shaveبال بال، قریب قریبHe had a close shave from drowning.
Come into playاستمال میں آناHis abilities came into play as soon he started his career.
Bring to bookسرزنش کرناHe brought the servant to book for his carelessness.
Bury the hatchetدشمنی ختم کرناThe two enemies buried their hatchets and became friends.
Cast downافسردہShe is cast down at her failure.
Crocodile tearsدکھاوا کرنا، مگرمچھ کے آنسوHe was shedding crocodile tears at the death of his enemy.
Cut a sorry figureشرمندگی اٹھاناHe cuts a sorry figure on his failure in exams.
Cats and dogs lifeلڑائی جھگڑے والی زندگیThe couple is leading cat and dog life.
Deliver the goodsوعدہ پورا کرناThe government of Pakistan should be delivered the goods in all circumstances.
Do away withرسم و رواج ختم کرناWe should do away with bad manners.
Die in harnessعملی زندگی میں مرجاناQuaid-e-Azam died in harness.
Egg onاکساناDo not egg him on the fight.
Eat one’s wordsاپنے الفاظ واپس لیناWe should not eat our words in any circumstances.
Eat a humble pieسامنا کرنا، شرمندگی اٹھاناYou will eat a humble pie if you do not act upon my plan.
Every inchہر لحاظ سےHe looked every inch a gentleman.
End in smokeناکامیAll his efforts ended in smoke.
Give the cold shoulderبے رخی سے پیش آناI ask him to return my money but he gives me the cold shoulders.
Give and takeکچھ لو کچھ دوWe should develop relations with our neighbor’s give and take policy.
Hue and cryخوف سے شور مچاناThe family started hue and cry when they saw the robber.
Face the musicسامنا کرناHe will have to face the music of what he has done.
Feather in one’s nestناجائز دولت کماناThe corrupt politicians only feather their nest.
Fall outلڑنا جھگڑناTwo friends fall out for nothing.
Fall back uponسہارا ہوناHe has his father’s property to fall back upon.
Feel the pulseنبض دیکھناThe doctor felt the pulse of the patient.
Follow suitتقلید کرناOur school offered free admission and other school follow suit.
Give awayتقسیم کرناHe gives away money in poor.
Give inچھپ جاناThe Kashmir will never give in.
Go to the dogبرباد ہو جاناHis business will go to the dogs because of his carelessness.
Get better ofغلبہ پا لیناPakistan army will get the better of it.
Hard nut to crackبڑا مسئلہKashmir issue is a hard nut to crack.
Hit onاچانک خیال آ جاناShe hit upon a clever idea.
For goodہمیشہ کے لئےSaleem has left D.G Khan for good.
Few and far betweenکبھی کبھارHe calls on me few and far between.
Cheek by jowlساتھ ساتھThe fans entered the stadium check by jowl to see the match.
Gift of the gabزبان کی طاقتPoliticians should have gift of the gab.
Go to rack and ruinختم ہو جاناHis business is going to rack and ruin.
Hold waterمعیار پر پورا اترناHis arguments do not hold water.
Hold a briefوکالت کرناYou should hold no brief for this criminal.
Heart and soulدل و جان سےHe loves her son’s heart and soul.
Hale and heartyتندرست و تواناHe is a hale and hearty man.
In the airافواہ پھیلی ہوناThe news of the prime minister’s illness is in the air.
In the pipelineتیار ہوناThe upcoming budget of Pakistan is in the pipeline.
In black and whiteتحریری شکل میںHe makes every agreement in black and white.
In full swingپورے عروج پرThe party was in full swing when the police came.
In letter and spiritہر لحاظ، مکمل طور پرYou should follow these orders in the true letter and spirit.
Keep abreast ofاپنے آپ کو باخبر رکھناI read the newspaper daily to keep abreast of it.
In the teeth ofمخالفت کے باوجودThe parliament has passed the bill in the teeth of opposition.
Keeping withمطابق ہوناBeing a Muslim, our life should be in keeping within the teaching of Islam.
In cold bloodبے رحمی سےHe murdered his friend in cold blood.
Kick the bucketانتقال کر جاناThe patient had kicked the bucket last night.
Kith and thinرشتے دارWe should care our kith and thin.
Keep up appearanceظاہر داری برقرار رکھناIn the days of inflation, it is very difficult to keep up appearances.
Keep body and soul togetherبڑی مشکل سے گزارا کرناIt has become difficult for the poor to keep the body and soul together.
Lion’s shareبڑا حصہThe investor has a lion’s share in his company.
Laybyبچت کرناWe should lay by electricity.
Leave in the lurchمشکل میں چھوڑ جاناFairweather friends always leave in the lurch.
Let downشرمندہ کرناYour mistake will let you down.
Make amendsتلافی کرناI shall make amends to the loss.
Move heaven and earthپوری کوشش کرناShe moved heaven and earth to get her aim.
Make goodنقصان پورا کرناWho will make good this loss?
Make away withلے کر بھاگ جاناThe thief made away with the precious things.
Be at largeآزاد کرناThe two robbers are still at large.
Lame excusesجھوٹے بہانےYou cannot win her favor by lame excuses.
Laugh up in your sleeveچپکےچپکے ہسناHe laughed up his sleeve at the false affection of his stepmother.
Laughing stockہنسی کا گول گپاThis fat man is a laughing stock of the village.
Lead somebody astrayگمراہ کرناAli was led astray by some of his friends.
A leap in the lockاندھیرے میں تیر چلاناTo start such a big business without experience is a leap in the lock.
Leave in the lurchمصیبت میں ساتھ چھوڑ جاناDo not leave your friends in the lurch.
Leave no stone unturnedکوئی کسر نہ اٹھا رکھناShe left no stone unturned to pass the examination.
Lend an earہمدردی سے بات سنناThis landlady lends an ear to the problems of the poor.
At lengthآخرکارAt length, Saleem won her love.
To lick the dustناکام ہوناHis plan to win the race lick the dust.
Live by one’s witsمکاری سے رقم بھٹو لناHe does not work hard and lives by his wits.
Live from hand to mouthمشکل سے گزر بسر کرناThe poor man lives from hand to mouth.
Be living in foul’s paradiseاحمقوں کی جنت میں رہناHe lives in a fool paradise if he thinks that he will pass the examination without hard work.
Lock, stock and barrelمکمل طور پرThey shifted their business lock, stock, and barrel to a new city.
Look aheadمستقبل پر نظرThe wise man always looks ahead.
Look sharpجلدی کرناPlease bring me a glass of water and look sharp.
Be at loose endفارغ ہوناLet us play cricket if you are at loose end.
At a lossشش و پنج میں ہوناHe was at a loss to decide whether he took admission to college or university.
Lose groundبرتری گواہ بیٹھناIndia has lost its moral ground after persecuting Kashmir.
Maiden voyage بحری سفرTitanic sank during his maiden voyage.
Make both ends meetمشکل سے گزر بسر کرناIt is very difficult for the poor to make both ends meet.
Make fun ofمذاق اڑاناThe whole class made fun of her odd clothes.
Make headwayمشکل کے باوجود ترقی کرناThey have made headway towards finding the solution of the problem.
Make light of somethingاہمیت نہ دیناHe had a bad fall but he made light of his cuts.
Make one’s markنا م پیدا کرناHe is making his mark as a good writer.
Make the best of itناکامی کو کامیابی میں بدلناThe job was against her taste but she made the best of it.
Make the most of itپورا فائدہ اٹھاناWe have got only one day in Naraan; so we should make most of it.
Make up one’s mindفیصلہ کرناThey have made up their minds to settle in Pakistan.
A man of iron willمضبوط ارادے والاA man of iron will tackle the present crises of Pakistan.
A man of his wordsعہد کا پکاYou can trust him as he is a man of his words.
As a matter of factدرحقیقتHe will not help you, as a matter of fact, he is a selfish man.
Mind one’s businessاپنے کام سے کام رکھناDo not advise me, mind your own business.
Miss the bus/boatموقع ضائع کر دیناYou will miss the boat/bus if you do not propose to her on her birthday.
More or lessتقریباHe earns more or less fifty thousand a month.
A necessary evilناگریز برایWar is a necessary evil.
Neck or nothingسردھڑ کی بازی لگاناI drove neck or nothing to reach the examination hall on time.
Next to nothingکچھ نہ ہوناWe have left next to nothing now.
Nip in the budابتدا میں کچل دیناNip every evil in the bud.
Now and thenکبھی کبھارNow and then, we meet our old friends.
Null and voidکالعدمHis contract is null and void.
Of one’s own accordبالکل اپنی مرضی سےShe married Ali of her own accord.
Off and on/on and offکبھی کبھارIt rained on and off all day.
Off colourقدرے بیمارI have been feeling a bit of color
Flesh and bloodانسانی فطرت This baby is his mother’s flesh and blood.
First and foremostسب سے اولینThe first and foremost task of the teacher is to teach.
Fair sexخواتینWe should respect the fair sex.
Get throughنکلناHe has ability to get through his situation.
Hand in gloveسازش میں شریکIndia and America are hands in glove with each other
Hope against hopeموہوم امید رکھناSaleem waited all day, hoping against hope that Ali would come to him.
Give upچھوڑ دیناI will never give up in the match.


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