Internet Explorer 9 for Windows

Internet Explorer 9 for Windows

DownloadInternet Explorer 9 or IE9 is the ninth version of the Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft. It was released to the public on March 14, 2011. It and older versions of Internet Explorer are no longer supported.

Internet Explorer 9 also breaks XP limits, because it’s only compatible with the recent versions of windows to ensure optimum performance.

This new IE9offers the possibility to add websites to Windows taskbar, very similar to web applications by Chrome.

The Downloads manager has changed too. Now it offers one very similar to he one we find in Firefox.

Anew tab system, something similar to Speed Dial,… in short, Microsoft has seen the advantages of other web browsers and has decided to change its point of view. It’s a mix of all those good features we can find on other web browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

IE9 is back, better than ever. Internet Explorer 9 wants to be a wel-known web browser again.

Internet Explorer 9 or simply IE9 is the latest version of the Internet Explorer browser by Microsoft. It was introduced to the general public on March 14, 2010. Compared to Internet Explorer 8 which was introduced about five years ago, it has been a big improvement with many new features and bug-free operating system integration.

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You may receive some pop-up messages that warn you about incompatible updates or program un-installations. This can be remedied easily, just click on the “Updates” or “Programs” link and then check if there are any new updates available for your Windows Vista or Internet Explorer version. You will then need to follow the simple instructions on how to install them, either through Windows Update or by downloading the” Updates” &” Installers” section from Microsoft’s website. Once you have completed this step, you should not have any problems. Internet Explorer v9 also has a number of new features that make this version more user-friendly and practical than its previous version; however, it does come with a few drawbacks as well.

Internet Explorer 9 introduced the concept of Microsoft Edge, which is basically a browser extension which supports the Windows 7 platform. This means that Internet Explorer and all Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint will appear in the new browser. Internet Explorer users who are using the older version of Microsoft Office will need to download and install the “Microsoft Office 2010” component before they are able to use the new browser. Internet Explorer users will need to download and install the latest version of the Adobe Flash, which is available free of charge from the Adobe website, in order to view Flash content on the new browser.


Download Internet Explorer 9 for Windows