Samsung Smart Switch for Windows

Samsung Smart Switch for Windows

Making free data transfer simple

DownloadDeveloped by Samsung, Smart Switch connects your Galaxy and PC for a flawless transfer of data from your old device to your new bone. Connect wirelessly or use a USB string to make a dupe of the data on your phone to your PC. Also, restore it to your new phone or make a dupe and restore it from an SD card.
Samsung Smart Switch for Windows lets you choose what information you want to shoot to your new Samsung device — call history, connections, dispatches, app, images, vids and indeed your home screen preference all for free. Alternatives with analogous features include Wonder share and Filmora.

How to use Samsung Smart Switch
Download and install the free app for your Samsung device with Android4.2.1 or latterly. Also download it on your Windows PC with Windows 7 or latterly, a Pentium 4 CPU or advanced, 512 MB RAM and Windows Media Player 11 or latterly.
Connect your old Samsung wirelessly to your PC or via USB cable. However, you ’ll need to use an OTG appendage, If your phone does not have a USB-C harborage. Formerly connected, valve‘ Allow’ on your device. Open Smart Switch on your PC, and elect‘ Provisory’. The process will start to back up all the data from your device. When the process completes, click‘ OK’.

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Next, download and install the app on your new Samsung device. On your PC, find the backup position. The software stores the backup in the dereliction position unless you choose your own. To find the backup, hunt for AppData in File Explorer and also choose the Smart Switch brochure. Before you transfer the data to your new device, insure that Smart Switch for PC supports all the lines on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Open the software and connect your new Galaxy with the USB string. Elect‘ Restore’ and also choose‘ Elect your backup data’ to find the backup train. Also, click‘ Restore now’ and also‘ OK’ once the process is complete. You’ll need to allow certain warrants on your new phone to complete the process.

Simple switching between bias
Use Samsung Smart Switch on your Samsung Galaxy device and connect wirelessly or via USB to your Windows PC. Produce a backup from your old Samsung device and follow the simple process to restore it on your new device. Or, you can use the Wonder share Mobile Trans software for iPhone, Android, Nokia or Blackberry bias.


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