Sonma Typing-Expert for Windows

Get fluent in Hindi and English!

DownloadSonma Typing Expert is an excellent app for English and Hindi speakers interested in improving their fluency and typing speed across these languages. While using a different set of alphabets, it can be hard for bilingual typists to write accurately and quickly in both languages. Whether you’re fluent in writing and speaking these languages or not, Sonma Typing Expert helps you improve within a short period of time. Unlike TypingMaster, Typing Test and similar programs, this one focuses on both English and Hindi languages.

A reliable, simple, and easy-to-use program!

Sonma Typing Expert is one of the most reliable and simple applications in this category. With a simple interface, this typing test software allows you to practice keyboard typing skills without any trouble. The app comes with several exercises to help you improve accuracy and speed. Since these exercises are available in English and Hindi, you can improve in both languages with ease.

Does Sonma Typing Expert give scores?

Sonma typing latest version allows you to record and print the scores. Therefore, you can view these scores anytime and constantly reevaluate your progress. In order to access tests, you need to provide your name and other details. It’s easy to set the test’s duration between 1 and 30 minutes. Moreover, you can pause the test anytime.

The latest version download comes with a user-friendly interface, which allows beginners to improve typing speed and accuracy without any issues. For Windows, Sonma typing tutor download free can be easily installed.

The program’s full free version is available to download and install for Windows. It’s a great learning app, which lets you improve English and Hindi typing. Overall, it has received positive reviews from people who’ve engaged with the content for a few weeks or more.

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Sonma Typing Expert is a typing tool to help users increase their typing speed for English and Hindi Texts. The app features a large selection of exercises for users to practice their typing on. For users bilingual in English and Hindi, Sonma Typing Expert can help them become proficient in typing in both languages.


Although installing Sonma Typing Expert itself is simple, some users might encounter problems when displaying the Hindi fonts as not all systems come with those fonts pre-installed. If they are not installed, the Hindi characters won’t be displayed correctly. Sonma has help files that users can follow to install these fonts. Once installed, launching and using Sonma Typing Expert should be easy.


The exercises Sonma Typing Expert offers are similar in both English and Hindi. The first few exercises target a specific part of the keyboard to train such as certain rows that can cause confusion when typing fast. The next exercises focus on skills like typing with the Shift key. Users can go back and train with the skills or parts that give them the most difficulties.


Download Sonma Typing-Expert for Windows