A dialogue between a mother and a daughter about studies

A dialogue between a mother and daughter about studies

Daughter: Good Afternoon Mom.

Mother: Good afternoon. How was your day?

Daughter: It was boring Mom. We had a surprise test of Physics in class.

Mother: Then what? You did well. Didn’t you?

Daughter: No mom. I could not learn the lessons we do in our class. I had thought of revising them all near midterm exams.

Mother: Well, that was a silly idea.

Daughter: No mom. Many students do the same. I cannot get regular time to learn my daily lessons.

Mother: How much time is required? Just give an hour daily. Just go through what you learn daily.

Daughter: Oh mom! It’s so boring. I have to learn swimming, go jogging, watch my favorite T.V serial etc. I haven’t any time to study at home.

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Mother: That’s unfair if you ignore the importance of daily learning. The concepts remain fresh in your mind if you revise them at home.

Daughter: Then I must learn them all again near exams.

Mother: That’s a plus point. You will have another opportunity to clarify and revive your concepts. It will get you more marks in exams.

Daughter: I do wish to get good marks in my final exams.

Mother: Then you must devote some of your daily time to study at home.

Daughter: OK mom. I am going to make a timetable to follow.

Mother: That is a good idea. Now change your dress. I have prepared your lunch.

Daughter: OK mom and thanks.
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