A dialogue between a teacher

The dialogue Between a Teacher and a Student about the importance of Studies
Ali: Asslam-o-Alikum Sir and Good Morning.

Teacher: Wa Alaikum Usslam, Good Morning.

Ali: How are you Sir?

Teacher: I am fine and how about you?

Ali: Me too fine sir.

Teacher: Why did you get low marks in your recent test in physics?

Ali: Sir actually I could not get time to prepare.

Teacher: Ridiculous! what other things are more important than study? You are just a student.

Ali: Sir, actually I went to Lahore with my cousin. We had already planned a picnic party.

Teacher: Strange. You enjoy a picnic at the cost of your education. This is not the value you give to your education.

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Ali: Sir, What difference did it make to miss a single test or get low marks in it?

Teacher: But marks of every test counts for your educational performance. And your educational performance decides your results and your results decides your future.

Ali: Oh I see.

Teacher: If you want to succeed in life do give value to your studies. Never take it as a secondary cause. The education is your real asset. It will return you the same in the future as you give to it today.

Ali: I am really sorry sir. I will never underestimate the importance of the study.

Teacher: Great. Now let us get to work.

Ali: Sure sir.

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