Application to principal for a leave

Application to principal for a leave to attend your brother’s marriage

The Principal,
Your College,

Subject: Application for leave

I humbly state that the marriage of my elder brother is fixed on November 16, 2016. I have to give a helping hand to my father and brother. There is a lot of preparation to be made. Being an active participant in household chores, I have to ensure my full participation in the preparations for the marriage.

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So, I will be very busy on 15-18 of November. My engagement in preparations is mandatory. So, I will not be able to attend the college for the said dates. Kindly grant me leave for four days (November 15-18). I am a brilliant student at your college. I always show good performance in the in-house tests. I assure you that I will work hard to compensate for my loss in studies.

I will be highly thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours obediently,
B.Com Part-1
Roll No. 111

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