Application to principal for college

Application to principal for college trip / tour

The Principal,
your College,

Subject: Apologizing for misbehavior

With due respect, I say that I have been found guilty of misbehavior in my English Class. In fact, I feel that I did disobedience and violated the discipline of the class. My abnormal behavior was the result of critical and sudden circumstances. I have been absent from class for serious domestic issues.

Meanwhile, I missed an important test in English. Yesterday, when I came in class, the teacher daunted me and asked me to leave the class for missing the important test. I was already upset due to some serious domestic issues. I tried to talk to the teacher but he wasn’t ready to listen. I could not hold my tong and spoke some bad words for the teacher.

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Anyhow, the teacher made my complaint to your esteemed office. I have apologized from my teacher and he has forgiven me. Now I request you to excuse me for my mistake. I assure you of not committing such mistakes in the future. I am really ashamed of what I did.

Thanking you,

Your obediently,
your name
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