Important Tips to Attempt any Paper !

Important Tips to Attempt any Paper !. Let’s talk about paper attempt skills that you must have. Scoring good marks are purely depends on the quality answer of each question but attempting the paper in a good way also a factor. You must attempt a paper that looks eye-catching, easy for the examiner to check. So, in this article, we are going to learn five important tips that will help you to score good marks in your exams.

Stationary required and Where to use it:

605 Cut Marker (any Bold Marker)

  1. Margining
  2. Sections heading
  3. Questions numbering

604 Marker (any Simple Marker)

  1. Parts numbering. i.e., -(ii)-
  2. Parts heading
  3. Any reading, value, info in the answer
  4. quotations

Ball Pen (any Ink Pen)

  1. Answers only

Scale (Ruler 12” Inches)

  1. Margining.

What to do first

You have 5 to 10 minutes during paper distribution. You have to give a margin to half of your paper pages with 605 Cut Marker (any Bold Marker) on the left side only.

Fill up all the given fields carefully like name, roll #, etc.

Paper Presentation

Write Subjective Part on the first page of the paper in neat & clean style using 605 Cut Marker (any Bold Marker). You can learn any calligraphy for writing large headings that will make a good impression on the paper. For more about calligraphy, click here.

 Question arrangement

You have to keep in mind this trick, do the question first that you can answer very well. Similarly, do all the remaining questions in the same way.

Extra Part

When you have done all the parts of a question. You should leave the space for one question. In the end, if time is left then fill up space by attempting one extra question. As a result, there will be more chances to score maximum marks on those questions.

Start New Question

Keep in mind, You must start a new question (not part) from the next page.