Elementary Education In Pakistan

Elementary Education In Pakistan. There has been much sessions and discussion regarding high quality education in Pakistan. Surprisingly, they all center around mostly the types, content and sources of education rather than stages, especially the most crucial and decisive phase i.e., elementary education in Pakistan.

There has been minor development these days in creating new and active programs for young students in federal government educational institutions at elementary stage. Exploratory courses, coaching plans as well as sports and physical education courses are being decrease in federal government schools.

Elementary education in Pakistan has many serious concerns if we talk about increasing literacy ratio here. The teachers and school management need to be focused as soon as possible.

What is elementary education in Pakistan?

Till 8th class in Pakistan students get elementary education. Or you can say, till 5th class the students study under primary level of education and then till 8th class they study under middle level. So, elementary level includes both types of education level. It means a strong foundation is kept under this level for students.

If our elementary education in Pakistan meets the recommended criteria, then we can expect growth in our education sector. Our youth will be more confident and convenient in SSC or HSC level if they receive extra ordinary faculty and atmosphere in elementary education in Pakistan.

Elementary education is an effort to help young people in developing the concepts. The engagement of young people to the human development must be realized in the whole process or educational effort.

At elementary education level students experience the process of perception and learning. And, in general, the understanding of elementary school can be said as an educational institution that organizes the basic education process and underlies the subsequent education process. This education is provided for children who are in class 1-8th with the assumption that children of small age have a very little stamina of understanding. We should try to meet their educational needs at this level that are appropriate to themselves. Basic education is indeed held to provide fundamental knowledge, attitudes and skills for students.

This basic education is further developed to improve the quality of students themselves. We should comprehend the importance of elementary school so that we can let the students participate in every activity held at this level.

Objectives of Elementary Education in Pakistan

Regarding the operational objectives of elementary education, it is stated in the Elementary Education Curriculum that is to provide basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills, that are beneficial to students according to their level of class, and prepare them to attend junior high school. The purpose of elementary school education can be described in detail, such as the following:

  • Provide Provisions for Reading, Writing, and Counting Abilities.
  • Provide basic knowledge and skills that are useful for students in accordance with the level of development.
  • Preparing Students to Take Education in Junior/senior High School.

Elementary School as Basic Education Source in Pakistan

Understanding elementary school means as an activity that underlies three basic aspects, namely

  1. knowledge
  2. attitudes
  3. skills

These three aspects are the most basics elements in elementary education. This is because these three aspects are the most essential things in life. We need positive life attitudes so that our lives become smooth. We also need the basics of knowledge so that we don’t develop our concepts based on wrong information every time we interact.

And, what is not less important is skill. In elementary education in Pakistan should be given priority. This is a stage which helps students to choose their final career. At this level students are conditioned to be able to behave like a professional as much as possible. The understanding of primary school as the basis of education must really be understood by g so that the government officials so that they can take the steps to improve the level of elementary education in Pakistan.

Of course, in this case, educational and learning activities prioritize the foundation for further education. Without basic education, it is certainly difficult for us to understand new concepts at a higher level.

Our teachers must also understand that without helping the students of middle or primary level in true sense they cannot expect the scientists. First of all, our teachers must take the responsibility that they will polish their existing skills.

After that they will be able to teach students as per the international standard. Once the base of our students get strong then they will easily be expert in specialization. We should also note the elementary education in Pakistan can be improved if we keep our syllabus same in all provinces. The government schools are using the different methods and private schools are having different courses.

Infrastructure in Elementary Education in Pakistan:

Pakistan is a country where you will see a lot of discussion regarding the need of IT structure. But when we see the implementations of IT set ups in our schools or even colleges then normally the conditions are not good.

Some schools have only 3-8 personal computers. Out of these 8 computers 3 computers are not in working condition. One computer is for the use of teacher only. Remaining 4 computers are left for students and the number of students may vary between 100-1000 in schools. That’s the condition and one thing more if pc or laptop is fine and new condition then it would be always in semi new condition.

May be you are thinking; it is like a story. But wait, before passing judgement let me ask one simple question. Do we want to use paint or play with Microsoft word files only if we don’t see internet connection there? Yes, that’s another important issue we are facing for the last 10-15 years. Either the net signals are weak or they connection is not available. In limited school time, mostly time of students is spent on checking the availability of connection.

If we don’t give them suitable environment then how can they, start thinking and exploring about the subjects which they are studying.