Types of Test Items

In order to have an effective as well as well-established examination system, test items play an important part as they made a strong examination system. In schools, colleges, and universities, students witness a diverse range of examination questions.

Types of Test Items

Before heading towards the exploration of Types of Test Items, let us first clarify what a test item actually is. A test item in any test center is a specific question of a specific nature asked the students to evaluate his or her thinking abilities and exam preparations. For instance, a test item may judge a student’s vocabulary after providing a list of words and students have to provide the right answer.

The examination questions asked at schools, colleges, and university level are usually of 7 types. These types include,

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • True and False Statements
  • Pair Matching
  • Essay Writing
  • Oral Questions
  • Short questions and answers
  • Computational Questions

In this article, we will discuss briefly these test types and suggestions about solving these examination questions effectively. Let’s discuss these test items one by one!

Multiple Choice Questions

As the name of the test item suggested, in multiple choice questions, students are given a statement with three, four, or five possible answers and they have to answer the right option. Students with an acute sense of understanding and knowledge can tick or circle the right answer.

In order to prepare for such questions, students should mark minute details in every lesson day by day. Underlining or highlighting the important information, students can very easily go through these multiple choice questions.

True and False Statements

In this type of question, students are given a statement with either true or false options. Students who know what a statement is all about can easily mark it’s being true or false.

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Tip: This type of examination questions require a thorough and deep study of the subjects. It is the duty of the teachers to make students correct false statements to enhance their knowledge.

Short Questions and Answers

Short questions and answers are typically asked at the school and college level. Because universities usually conduct comprehensive questions. In short questions and answers, students are directed to answer the questions that will maximum cover two or three lines. Under such test items, students are judged in terms of their knowledge and understanding of the relevant subject. Under such test questions, the examiner usually asks definitions and formulas related to the subject.

Essay Writing

Essay writing is also one of the test items that is commonly conducted at the college and university level. The task of essay writing seems quite complex and tricky, so teachers avoid having such test items at the school level. However, following the modern trends in education, essay writing is also included at the school level.

In essay writing, students provide and explain their understanding of a certain topic. The written responses of the students are considered seriously. Essay writing also helps in enhancing the critical thinking of the students. Essays are usually written in the form of paragraphs while following a certain pattern.

Tip: For effective essay writing, teachers should allow students to practice as much as they can.