Scholarships for Undergraduate

Scholarships for Undergraduate. There are a lot of students who get degrees but with burden of loan, and loan repayment restricts their education. To overcome it there are number of Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan.

Scholarships for Students

By getting scholarships, students get rid from thoughts of loan repayment and get involved with studies and learn more knowledge. Youth is future of our country and education is very important for bright future.

So here in this article we discuss some scholarships briefly.

HEC Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan

For all degree awarding institutes and public sector universities of Pakistan selected by higher education commission there are multiple Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan.

Here we look at the brief details of some scholarships.

Ehsas undergraduate scholarships:

Students who are unable to continue their studies due to lack of resources after FA/F.Sc,  have equal rights to become educated. For bright future of Pakistan, education is very basic milestone. Ehsas undergraduate scholarship program is especially planned for undergraduate (4-5 years) programs.

Budget of 6 billion is released every year by government for this scholarship program. HEC gives scholarships to 50,000 students every year to boost up the literacy rates.

50% of seats are reserved for female students and 2% of seats are reserved for physical disabled students.

Those students who are availing any other scholarship are not eligible for this scholarship scheme. This is a local scholarship for all undergraduate programs i.e. arts, engineering, medical, management sciences etc. This scholarship covers university dues and also provides monthly stipend to students.

Allama Iqbal scholarship for afghan national students:

For Afghan youth, government of Pakistan offers 3,000 scholarships for undergraduate programs. Core reason behind this project is to make a strong bond between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This scholarship is for all undergraduate programs i.e. engineering, medical, agriculture, arts etc.

Students who avail Allama Iqbal Scholarship program don’t need to worry about accommodation charges, university dues etc. This scholarship is not only for undergraduate students but in some cases with exceptions graduate and Phd students can also apply for this.

Objective of this scholarship plan is to endorse development with Afghanistan and to promote the professional linkage between both countries which will definitely be good for Pakistan. This is also a golden opportunity for Pakistani universities to call students from bordering countries for studying in Pakistan.

Workers Welfare Board Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan

For workers of industry or mines in Punjab, who can’t afford university expenses due to lack of money, Worker’s welfare board offer them a talent scholarship. By availing these scholarship students really don’t need to worry about their university dues. Along with that board also provides monthly stipends to students.

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Monthly stipends depend on level of study, i.e. if you are college student then stipend will be 1600 PKR, if university students of undergrad program then stipend will be 2500 PKR, while for masters and PhD students’ stipend will be 3500 PKR per month. However, the actual amounts vary as per the prevailing conditions.

Diya Pakistan Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan

When we look towards top scholarship organizations in Pakistan, a very well-known organization Diya Pakistan always comes in list of those top rated scholarship programs.

Diya Pakistan offers multi scholarship programs for school and university students. It provides 50,000 scholarships every year. For technical skill development programs Diya Pakistan also offers monthly stipends to enrolled students.

For last 30 years, Diya Pakistan is working for bright future of Pakistan by providing scholarships to students. It has provided more than 400,000 scholarships in last 30 years.

Distribution of 50,000 scholarships is categorized in a good way.

60% marks are required to become eligible for this scholarship at all levels. Diya Pakistan only entertain those students who are enrolled in government institutions and if any student is getting scholarship stipend more than 25000 PKR and apply for Diya Pakistan scholarship program, he/she will not be eligible to get this.

Students can easily apply online for this scholarship.

Tabeer Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan

Tabeer Scholarship program is specially for KPK students. This is merit based scholarship and students can avail it by passing a conducted merit list test. Scholarship worth is 250,000 PKR. All students from private and government institutes can avail this scholarship if they are enrolled in any undergraduate program.

Students of BA/BSc, BCS, BS, MBBS/BDS/Pharmacy, MA/MSc, CA/ACCA are highly recommended to apply for this scholarship.

TEO Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan

Social and economic development of Pakistan is very essential for Pakistan’s bright future. TEO is playing its role by providing scholarships to the undergraduate students, who are facing financial issues and couldn’t pursue their studies.

TEO offers this scholarship program especially to the students who belong to the IT industry and studying in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Objective of TEO is to provide equal educational opportunities for bright students of poor families.

Those students who belong to IT filed and studying in any of following universities are highly recommended to apply for this scholarship.

  • University of Peshawar, Peshawar.
  • University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
  • University of Swat, Saidu Road, Mingora, Swat.
  • University of Malakand, Chakdara, Dir lower.
  • Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.
  • Balochistan University of Information & technology, Engineering & management sciences, Quetta.
  • Kohat University of Science & technology.
  • University of Engineering & technology, Taxila.
  • Quiad-i-Azam University, Islamabad.
  • Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi.
  • Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.
  • Federal Urdu University, Islamabad.

Those students who get admission in such universities and they are unable complete 1st half of degree due to unstable financial support will have chance to avail TEO Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan. However at least such students need to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5.