How Do I Know If I Have Already

How Do I Know If I Have Already Overcome Covid-19 But I Had No Symptoms?

We have recently exceeded one million infections but it is estimated that there are many more citizens who may have experienced Covid-19, especially if we take into account that in the first months there was not the same diagnostic capacity that we currently have and that, in addition , the disease can go completely unnoticed or cause mild symptoms.

In fact, many citizens live with the doubt whether the cough that they suffered just after the summer, may have actually been a Covid-19 that fortunately did not generate any type of complication. In these cases, the only option to know if we have overcome the disease are the serological tests that, through a blood sample.

Immune system & immunoglobulins

Our body has a defensive system against infections of any kind (immune system) and when it detects external agents it acts by generating proteins (immunoglobulins) called antibodies.

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These antibodies recognize, capture and block viruses so that the cells of the immune system can eliminate them. It is estimated that more than 90% of people who have had contact with the virus develop an antibody response.

This type of test is performed by means of a conventional blood extraction and it is not necessary to perform it on an empty stomach. In addition, the results are known in 24-48 hours, so they should not be confused with rapid antibody tests, which are qualitative (not quantitative) tests that have lower diagnostic reliability.

Thus, and although the degree and time of protection conferred by IgG antibodies against future outbreaks is still unknown, this type of test is the most appropriate to know if one has overcome the infection and has also generated antibodies. Therefore, we should follow the protection measures or the recommendations that the health authorities are giving us to Compete with the pandemic.