What You should do after your Intermediate?

What You should do after your Intermediate?

Are you free after your 12th and searching that what will you should do next for your bright future? Still Staying for 12th Class Results 2017? You do n’t need to waste your time in games, using social websites and etc. You have a veritably long and delicate pathway ahead so you should prepare yourself. Then is are the most possible ideas.

I’m then to guide you and to help you what will be coming. Weather you should elect a medical or engineering field or giving preference to the trades subjects like designing, business or commodity differently. First of you should find your stylish in which you’re the stylish rainfall you want to come a croaker or engineering. However, marketing, banking, If you’re hardworking pupil also I’ll prefer you to do this if you’re ill in studies also I prefer to do some trades like designing.

For Pre-Medical Student

You’re pre-medical pupil also you formerly study living lore’s and as your schoolteacher told you medical is the most delicate field. It has numerous branches which you’ll be study in your medical council. So are you willing to come a member of this prestigious field? Also don’t waste your time and prepare yourself for the entrance test which is called MCAT that’s held every time by university of health wisdom. This test is necessary to take admission in medical and dental sodalities.

This test include 1100 marks and offer subjects like biology, drugs, chemistry and English and some types of aptitude. Every pupil should secure further than 500 marks to pass this test and there’s also negative marking in this regard so competition is so tough. Your single nanosecond is veritably important. This time university held test in September like every time. There’s some good news that your test will in your syllabus book that you formerly read so you should completely read formerly again to get good marks.
There’s a vast variety of fields in which you can take admission and every field has its own significance. As one person can not manage a whole sanitarium. Fields like

Mbbs ( maids in drugs and surgery)
Bds ( maids in dentistry lores)
Bs ( honeys) which its tone contains numerous fields like medical laboratory technology, respiratory technology, operation theater technology, cardiac perfusion technology, ferocious care technician, speech language remedy, dental technology and numerous further Condense courses in different field nursing Still, and institute linked to the hospitals where preceptors trained the scholars in their relative fields, If you have a question in your mind that which council I should take admission so don’t worry there are numerous private and government sector sodalities. But you should confirm before taking admission that rainfall university or council combined with advanced education commission.

There’s also occasion for those who want to study in foreign countries like demitasse, Malaysia, Canada, these countries give installations to Pakistani scholars.

ForPre-Engineering Scholars

For engineering I also suggest they shouldn’t waste their time as there’s also veritably tough competition in engineering field. The top engineering University in Pakistan is University of engineering and technology Lahore. It give cooperation to so numerous sodalities and institute each over Pakistan. University of engineering and technology itself combined with advanced education commission and university organized entry test every time for FSC pre engineering scholars. The engineering entrance test is called ECAT. The test is of 400 marks there also a negative marking which is worse in this regard that passing chances for test come rare.
There’s also numerous field in engineering sides so that you have great occasion to take admission in engineering like
electrical engineering
mechanical engineering
petroleum engineering
software engineering
civil engineering
chemical engineering
short tackle and software courses

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And for the sodalities and university there are so numerous engineering university on public and private sector where you can get admission. Most popular are university of Punjab, university of engineering and technology, Arfa College specific for software engineering and University of engineering and technology ranked 5th position by advanced education commission.

For Commerce Students

Being a commerce pupil isn’t an easy thing they’ve great compass in business and banking, finance etc. so don’t take it easy and be prepare for farther studies. You can take admission in the BBA, B.com, and information technology. Utmost specific university related to this is Punjab University and FAST University. But every university conduct an entrance test so that admission is on merit base.

For Trades Students

For trades scholars they can do B.A, designing, and numerous other fields, different universities are offer. Punjab University and Allama Iqbal Open University is most notorious in this regard. In applicable to engineering and medical this is an easy field.
And of course we shouldn’t ignore to the army side. Some scholars want to join army so they will surely get admission by passing their test. They should come a pimp and major by passing a series of test like physical fitness, written test, medical test also training. Which isn’t easy at all. So choose your field according to your capabilities.

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