Aim to become Software Engineer

Aim to become Software Engineer


Technology is the greatest achievement of mankind. It has constantly been evolving, each time making us a more advanced species.

Children from a very small age are frequently using electronic gadgets. They play, explore and know every single working operation of their favourite phones and laptops. So naturally, many love to learn, study and are curious about the inner workings of computers.

Career options these days not only are far more exciting but bring in quick and tremendous success. The most favourite and trending job of the world today and especially in our country is Software Development. Due to this passion of Indians towards the profession, multiple technological companies have set up camp here giving jobs to hundreds and thousands of people every day. This industry constantly attracts young students who are big technology enthusiasts.

What attracted me towards this profession is the fact that I love technology. It excites and intrigues me beyond words. Apart from this, I love competing with my peers. I want to grow in the corporate industry which will give me the opportunity to compete and receive great respect and admiration from my friends and family. But most of all I like to code. I find it very challenging and fascinating. I like to write the best code with no errors. I have always understood and enjoyed coding lessons. I have always wanted to work in a big multinational company and earn extremely well. I want to be on par with today’s world by learning about new technologies.

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By getting the best grades, I will go on to study in a top college so that it will be easy for me to get placed in the biggest company even before graduation. This is what makes this profession so easy. You have a job in your hand even before your final exams. Life will be set. Being a software engineer will make my parents proud. They love to read about new companies and new technologies in the newspaper and to see them on TV. They will be proud to know that I’m associated with a top company and am making them proud. By earning well, I want to fulfill all their wishes and desires. The independence and confidence that the job gives will encourage me to put in my best efforts so that one day I may even take on key managerial positions.

I aspire to choose this very bright career option because it is very easy to become a Software Developer/Programmer and it brings quick success, wealth and a glamorous life. But it also requires passion and a keen interest towards coding which I possess. People who find coding very dull should not choose this career path.

The job role requires you to spend hours sitting down at a desk and apply your analytical and reasoning skills nonstop to write lengthy pieces of error free and reliable code to develop software programs. There are various programming languages and related fields that you can choose from and gain expertise in order to find a job of your preference. India is famous for giving the world a lot of software engineers. CEO’s of technology giants like Microsoft, Google etc. are all Indians. We have contributed significantly to this field. Sadly, today Software Engineering has become a profession chosen by people merely for the glamour and label and not for the actual work.
Students are forced to choose it as their profession even if they don’t want to since everybody wants their children to become software engineers. They are judged on the basis of grades, percentage and bookish knowledge and not by talent. With too many Software Engineers graduating each year, the profession has lost its charm and face value.

There has also been a certain amount of disinterest among students since there are not enough jobs for all in the market. Students with real passion for coding are not given jobs nor even a chance to show their skill because they are judged on marks. From being a respectable and booming profession it has been reduced to just another degree. One must remember to choose a profession only with passion. We must shun societal norms and myths and choose the face value of a job. Respect every job because each one has a special place in society.