It is a well said:

“An empty mind is a devil’s workshop”

Today, Man lives in a world where struggle and effort is necessary for survival. He has to toil from dawn to dusk. Physical and mental exertions leave him utterly exhausted and enervated, after the whole day’s work. The constant drudgery of daily routine life rusts his talent and efficiencies. He needs some pleasant activity to lighten his burden of monotony. He needs leisure and idle hours to soothe his perturbed feeling and troubled soul.

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Hobby is a useful work which is done in spare time for pleasure without any monetary benefit. This occupation is quite apart from the regular profession. It is pursued only for recreation. After hard labour, hobby provides us a cheap source of entertainment and amusement. It saves us from the dull routine of life. It gives us an activity when we have nothing to do. W. H. Davies says:

“What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.”

There is no dearth of hobbies in this world. People adopt different hobbies according to their own taste and temperament. There are many hobbies like gardening, stamp – collecting, coin – collecting, photography, pen – friendship, reading books etc. Gardening is my favourite hobby. Francis Bacon in his essay “of Garden” says:

“God Almighty first planted a garden.
And, indeed, it is the purest of human pleasure.”

Thus this hobby of mine is an ultimate source of joy and pleasure for me. I want to relax after a day’s hard work. Gardening makes me forget my worries and refreshes my mind. It refreshes both my body and soul. It breathes new life into a lethargic and lazy body. Therefore, it is a felicitous activity to refresh body and brain. For this purpose, I have made a very beautiful lawn in front of my house.

“From the gardens of plants do I move towards the gardens of inner joy?
The flowers dance on leaves. And ideas dance on heart beats and mind.”

In the garden, I have planted mango, orange, guava and banana trees. There, I grow flowers of various kinds like rose, lily and sunflower. The sweet fragrance of flowers gives me a great pleasure. They present a colourful and vivid scene and spread a sweet aroma all around. There is always something fresh before my eyes. It keeps me healthy, happy and fresh for the day’s labour. Luther Burbank says:

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful.”

The whole atmosphere at home is fragrant with the aroma of the flowers. They yield fruit in their seasons. Green fruit trees and lush grassy lawn adds colours to the surroundings. The clean brown soil of the beds of
flowers presents a sharp contrast to the lush green grass of the garden. The beautiful verse of John Keats is:

“Ah, happy bough that cannot shed
your leaves, nor ever bid the spring adieu.”

A little fountain has been built in the heart of the lawn. When it sprinkles its light shower, it looks fascinating. Then the water of the fountain flows to the beds of flowers and trees. Briefly speaking, the lawn and the garden of my house are so attractive that they are the persuasive proof of my devotion and dedication to my hobby. Robert Brooke said:

“And in my flowers beds, I think smile the carnation and the pink.”

There is adequate growth of vegetables in the compound of the house. Therefore, we seldom purchase any vegetable from bazaar.

I have the tools of the garden. I have to do a lot of work with my hand. I prepare the land and manure it. I water my plants regularly and protect from the extreme weather. I have prepared many beds in it. Douglas says:

“Earth is here so kind that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest.”

Gardening is my passion. It inspires me to do something new. With every new flower, there is a new happiness. I keenly observe the process of growth and decay in nature and praise the majesty of God. My hobby, gardening keeps me in touch with nature and God. Therefore hobby is interesting pursuit through which a person derives pleasure, recreation and amusement in his leisure. My hobby reveals me of the monotony and melancholy of mind!