What Is A Good Pakistani Citizen?

What Is A Good Pakistani Citizen? Define His/Her Responsibilities & Rights.

To understand what a good citizen is we must first understand the meaning of the
word “citizen”. A citizen is a legal member of a political community and has
Citizenship is about understanding the rights and responsibilities you have as a
member of society and learning how to exercise them. It is about knowing your legal,
civil, human rights and responsibilities.

To be a good Pakistani citizen we must understand the following rules and fulfill the
following responsibilities:

Acknowledge and expand our cultural diversities.
Work and struggle for the development of the country.
Understand* the importance of free press and the role of media.
Take action against* oppressive and discriminatory policies.
Gain*an understanding of processes in the government including how
elections work across local authorities and central government.
It is our responsibility to vote because voting allows people to decide which
person or political party would make decisions for and about them.
In addition to our responsibilities, we also have some rights. Regarding our rights
in the world, the UN charter states:

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“Freedom of speech, expression of thought, religion and enterprise.”
Most importantly, one person’s responsibilities are another person’s rights. We
must guarantee the following rights:
Proper education
Equal opportunities for everyone
Fair system of elections.
Protection of life and property.
Basic necessities including food, shelter and general welfare.
If a person abides by these basic rights and responsibilities then he will undoubtedly
become not only a good Pakistani citizen but also a good human being.

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