Social & Cultural Diversity

Social & Cultural Diversity

Diversity means the existence of different cultures, customs, beliefs, traditions and
languages in a place or different places at a given point in time. Diversity resembles
the mix of different ingredients with the masala (spices) in a mixed vegetable dish. If
we take an example of a recipe, we will come to know about different ingredients of
various flavors which are equally important in providing a collectively good taste:
tomatoes, green and red chilies and salt, all combined would provide beauty, great
taste, to the salad and would draw everyone towards it.

The state of our life is nothing more than a reflection of our state of mind. Diversity in
Pakistan or any where in the world makes the world a better place to live in. It helps
us in understanding the languages of different places and brings awareness about
different traditions and ways of dressing up.

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We can learn more and more about the benefits of diversity by understanding and
applying it on ourselves. Diversity is about valuing individual differences. It
recognizes values and manages differences to enable everyone to be free.

Diversity is a challenge which we have to embrace. * If the same culture always
prevails everywhere, the environment would become boring, something no body
wants, so there should be some change after certain intervals of time.


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