As Oprah Winfrey said “Education begins a gentleman, actions complete him.”
A citizen is a person who is a national of his country. Citizenship means “to work for
the nation’s prosperity. It is said:

“It doesn’t matter how small one is, one can still make a difference”.
That means we should not see that how small a person is but that his contribution
can change the standard of education, health facilities and other aspects of society
for a better future.

A good Pakistani citizen is one who practices laws made by the government and
persuades others to follow them too. He is one who not only cares for his own future
but also cares for that of his country’s and its citizens’. Leaving all aspects behind, a
good Pakistani citizen is one who asks for his rights and also practices his

Rights & responsibilities are two sides of a coin, where one asks for his rights, he is
bound to practice the responsibilities that are upon him. I don’t know how many
countries actually practice the human rights petition, out of the many that signed it.
Pakistan has signed this petition but unfortunately none or very few rights from this
petition are being practiced. United Declaration of Human Rights says:
“All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endured with
reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of

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Here are some rights and responsibilities all Pakistani citizens have:
1. We have the right to move freely
2. We should also give others the chance to move freely.
3. We have a right to have supply of water
4. We should not waste water
5. We have a right to live in a pollution free environment
6. We should not add to pollution
7. We have a right to get education
8. We should allow others to get it also
9. We should not have a burden of taxes.
10. We should pay taxes.

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