A letter to your friend to tell him

A letter to your friend to tell him how you prepared for General English Paper

Abc House,
A-Block, Model Town,

April 15, 2017

Dear friend,
I have done very well in my General English paper in the final exams. I attempted all the questions satisfactorily. I am sure I will secure high marks in this paper.

The news must be a pleasant surprise for you. You remembered I failed miserably in English last time. In fact, I was nil in General English.

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Well, I am going to tell you the secret of my success. I engaged a private tutor. I requested him to teach me grammar, especially tenses. I exercised in translation and composition as well. I put myself in hard work and result is simply wonderful. I feel so self-confident now.

Any news from home?

Yours sincerely,

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