I Miss You My Friend Letter

I Miss You My Friend Letter

The Letter
Your address,

Dear Friend,

Hey! tell me what you do nowadays. How is your novel going on? I hope you complete it until December. I am busy completing my bank assignments.

It has been an age since you parted with me. Right? Every single day brings your memories back to me. I remember the days we spent together for many reasons. You had been a great source of inspiration to me. You always encouraged me to take the initiative. I remember the days when we used to sit in the hostel canteen talking jolly.

I miss you for all your amazing company. Time passed too quickly. Didn’t it? Ali often comes to me and we talk about you for hours. We talk about ourselves and feel satisfied. Would that life gave us another chance to spend some more time together. They are planning the marriage of Ali’s elder brother. Ali is going to invite you. I strongly hope we will have had a chance to spend some more time together. I request you to come a week before the marriage so that we have a hearty meeting.

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Send me your latest poetry if you have written any after you departed. If you are not so much busy, I request you to visit us for as much time as you get.

Pay my regards to aunt and uncle.

With lots of love,

Your friend,

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