The Union is Strength Story

The Union is Strength Story

English Story with a moral lesson: Union is Strength

Once upon a time, a farmer lived in a village. He had four sons. They were quarrelsome and did not live with peace. Their hatred against each other irritated the farmer. He advised them to live in peace but in vain. He thought of a plan.

He sent for his sons. When they came, he asked them to bring a bundle of sticks. They brought the bundle and tied them tight with a sturdy rope. The farmer asked his eldest son to break the bundle. He tried his best but could not break the bundle. Then the farmer one by one asked his sons to break the bundle. No one could break the bundle.

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The farmer asked them to untie the sticks. Now he gave one stick to his every son and asked them to break the sticks. They easily broke the sticks. The farmer said, “Now see the power of unity. This is how unity makes you strong. The tied sticks were powerful because they were united in one single bundle. None of you could break them. Now when they are separated, you have easily broken them. Similarly, if you live with the union, nobody can harm you. If you will live an individual life, every one of you is easy to be destroyed. So the strength lies in unity.”

This advice has a great influence on his sons and they started living in peace.

Moral Lesson: Union is Strength, United we stand, divided we fall

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