Condolence Letter to a friend

Condolence Letter to a friend on the death of his father

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Dear Friend,
I just heard the sudden death of your father. I could not believe the news. I am really shocked on hearing this bad news. It was Ali who told me about your father’s death yesterday. I could not have reached early enough due to the huge distance to attend the funeral. I am really sorry about that.

Your father was a great man. He was not rich yet he managed to give you higher education. He was a man of huge courage and patience. He never let you feel inferior to others. He was very hardworking. This is the result of his constant struggle and hard work that you and your siblings are being educated in good institutions. He was a very kind and sympathetic man. I personally liked him very much due to his soft, loving and fatherly nature.

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My friend, this is really a big loss for you and your family. This loss cannot be compensated. Anyhow, this is the rule of nature that whoever comes in the world has to return to the Creator. The man is mortal. I hope you will bear this loss with courage and patience. All is not lost. Follow the footsteps of your father. Being an elder son, try to console your youngsters and your mother. Give the life a new dimension and prove your power. I hope you will take all this positive.

I will come to see you on Sunday next. pay my regards to your family.
Sincerely Yours,
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