A letter to your friend to invite

A letter to your friend to invite him to the picnic

Examination Hall,
You Address
Dated: 12-02-2021

Dear Zahid,
How are you? You have not replied to my last letter. I think you might be busy with your games. It is just twenty days ago that we were two-months holidays after our final exams. It is a long period. I have nothing special to do. I spend some time reading books and enjoying volley-ball in the evening.

Ahmad and Zohaib are also feeling bored. We have planned to visit some historical places in Lahore next week. I have contacted Zain and he has also agreed upon the idea. Zain is also taking one of his friends with him. So, we are a total of five persons ready to visit Lahore for a week. Ahmad has a friend in Lahore who is living in a private hostel. He has told us that he can arrange two rooms for a week for us. We plan to enjoy a picnic in some historical places in Lahore. I invite you to join us.

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It will be a memorable picnic. Please do get some time to enjoy life. Life is an unending race. We should take pity on or body and give some time to it. We should taste the beauty of nature. Write to me when you will reach. We are anxiously waiting for your reply.
Yours sincerely,

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