My First Day at College


“What peaceful hours, I once enjoyed!
How sweet their memory still!”

Sweet memories are like the sweet smelling flowers strewn on the strenuous path of life. They change life into a bloomy and balmy garden. In the store house of my college memories, enriched with many pearls and pebbles, the first day at the college occupies a prominent position. Every part of it is still fresh in my mind and will, I hope, remain so for so many years to come. College is a romantic word for young students when they are at school. They are very anxious to enter this wider world of education that promises more liberty and letter chances of progress than school life. College life polishes the personality of a student – it teaches manners and etiquettes. As it is well said,

“A college is a place of light of liberty and of learning” (Disraeli)

I was also fed up with the suffocated atmosphere of my school where students were driven with the stick. I had been dreaming of free, independent and charming life of the college since my school days. As it is well said,

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die,
life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”

After a long anxious wait, the result of matriculation examination was declared and I got first Division. I got admission to Govt. College. The College opened on the first of September, and I went to join the regular class work. Naturally I was in high spirits, and my mind was full of expectations as well as fears. When I reached the gate of the college, some senior students of the college were standing there. Some of them were in a jolly mood and wanted to befool the new-comers. I already knew that the seniors play first year fooling with new comers. So, I was mentally prepared for it.

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They asked us to do strange things like singing ridiculous songs and doing monkey pranks. The sense of self-respect did not allow me to act according to their wishes. Still they forced me to obey their orders. I fell a little humiliated but took it sporting.

“Seniors always approach juniors with an air of superiority”

Meanwhile, a senior Professor of the college came to our rescue. He asked the boys to assemble in the hall where the principal would address them. We went to the hall. First, there was prayer accompanied by recitation from the Holy Quran. The principal delivered an introductory speech to the students. He made us realize the responsibilities in the college life by quoting a Chinese proverb:

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”

The principal advised us to try our best to achieve our goals. Moreover, he also told us about the rules and regulations of the college. He also asked us not to forget the school discipline in college. He also advised the students not to take part in politics at college and pay full attention to their studies. As it is well said by Edward Everett:

“Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.”

Then, the time table was dictated and the students went to their classrooms. Our first period was of English. A Professor entered the room, the boys stood up to greet him. He took our roll call. He did not teach us but advised us about our future life. He stressed that we should not misuse the liberty here rather we should make full use of the opportunity to achieve our end. As it is well said,

“Colleges are places where pebbles
are polished and diamonds are dimmed.”

In the recess period, one of my fellow students took me to the college library. There were many cabinets full
of books and magazines. Many students were reading books and newspapers

As it is well said,

College is like a fountain of knowledge
– And the students are there to drink. (Martian Luther King)

Then, we went to the college canteen to refresh ourselves with some cold drink. I found the students sitting here in various groups, taking tea, samosas, cakes, etc. After attending all the periods, I got free at 2 O’clock and returned home fully satisfied with my college and its standard of education. Thus my first day at college came to an end and left behind unforgettable memories.

All the really valuable things you
own are things you cannot photograph.