Letter to a friend on his recovery

Letter to a friend on his recovery

Letter to a friend on his recovery from illness

Examination Hall,
A.B.C (city)
February 23, 2021

Dear Saleem,
It was 14th of this month when you got a temperature and could not attend your classes. After your blood tests, it came to know that it was typhoid fever. Now I am told by your elder brother that you have fully recovered from the disease. Thank God!

It was a really bad period without you. We all just missed your funny jokes and unpracticable ideas. I had already suspected about typhoid fever when you told me the symptoms. That’s why we asked you to go home and take rest. It was a good thing that you got a diagnostic test and then got your checkup. Now it has been nine days since you fell ill. We lost all the two matches played against Star Team due to your absence in the team. You have always been a great bowler and never let the batsmen settle on the crease.

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I congratulate you on your speedy recovery from the disease. Just take one more day to take rest and then return to the campus. We will have a final match against Sun Team on Monday. I hope you will be here among us hale and healthy. Everyone is happy to learn about your recovery from the illness.

Please do come to campus tomorrow morning. Pay our congratulations to your mom and dad.
Your friend,
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