Application to principal for change

Application to principal for change of subjects

The Principal,
Govt. Postgraduate college for women,

Subject: Application for change of subjects

It is stated that I am a student of ICS 1st year. I have been attending my classes for two months so far. I could make nothing out of computer subjects. I could develop no interest in IT and related subjects. I have been fond of Math and commerce subjects. I am good at statistics and economics. I want to change my subjects. I want to study statistics instead of computers and economics instead of the Basics of IT. I request you to allow me to change my subjects so that I may be able to develop an interest in my studies.

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My father has always wished me to become a software engineer. That is why he forced me to take the computer as a major in college. Now he has allowed me to change my subjects. I am really worried about my studies. I assure you that I will show a good performance in these subjects.

Yours obediently,
Dated: November 10,2021

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