Letter to friend advising him

Letter to friend advising him to participate in games and physical exercise

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Dear Friend,

I just received your letter. I am glad to learn about your online business. You told that you spend all day in your room writing and designing websites. Money and business are essential for life. My friend, health and physical fitness is not less essential from both these things.

You earn good money by doing online work. I appreciate your efforts and hard work. But do not sit for a long time. take some rest and intervals between your assignments. Do spare some time for physical exercises and games. As you spend your whole day in your room, your body will become lazy and weak.

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Games and sports keep us active and stimulate mental performance too. Taking part in Games and sports will give you more concentration power and you can do your work in minutes what it takes hours to do. But it will also keep you mentally fresh and active. So, games and sports are very important.

I do not ask you to give a particular time to games, just make it possible to give at least one hour a day or more if you can. I hope you will act upon my advice.

Your sincerely,
X.Y.Z (Your name)

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