Letter to friend about the change

Letter to friend about the change in your address

Examination Hall,
A.B.C (city)
Dated: 23-02-2019

Dear Friend,
How are you? I am fine here. I am writing this letter to your from 31/C Ahmad Block, Model Town Lahore. We have bought this new home here. You know my father is a property dealer. He has promised us to sell our old house and buy a new one. He got a big profit from the business last month. How bought this new house just a week ago. We have sold our old house. I am excited to have a brand new house. I was too busy decorating the house and setting everything up to find time to write to you.

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Anyhow, I invite you to visit my new house. Now my old postal address has changed. Now you will write letters to my new address which I have mentioned above. It is 31.C Ahmad Block, Model Town Lahore. Now, I know you quickly forget the things. Please note this new address and save it in your diary. We are planning to arrange a party in the joy of the new house. I will inform you about the exact date of it. I hope you will get some moments for us from your busy routine.
Pay my salam to aunt and uncle.
Your friend,

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