Write a letter to your elder sister

Write a letter to your elder sister telling him about your good result

Examination Hall,
A.B.C (City)
December 07, 2016.

Dear sister,

Thanks for writing regularly. Your letters are really a source of pleasure for me. You have asked about my result in quarterly exams. I could not write to you earlier as I was waiting for the result. It is out today. You will be glad to learn that I have not only passed in all the subjects but secured distinctive marks.

I got 4th position in the class. I have obtained 409 marks out of total 450 marks. My arithmetic is a bit weak. It is yet three months to the annual exams. I, therefore, hope to secure the first position in the class if I continue working hard as I am doing now. It is all the result of your support and encouragement.

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A copy of my result report is attached. I am planning to come to the home in next month. I want to celebrate my birthday at home. Pay my regards to mom and dad. Love to younger Sana.

Your loving brother,
Kamran Hameed

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