“Courtesy in only a thin veneer on the general selfishness”

Courtesy means to possess the qualities of good and polite manners. As bad manners are infectious, good manners are also. Good manners spread love, affection and kindness. Good manners win others’ hearts and make sincere friends. On the other hand, bad manners turn our friends to enemies.

Courtesy brings decency and politeness. It nourishes good wishes for others. A courteous person bears good manners for others. He is pleasant and polite to everybody. He has love, tolerance, patience and kindness to others. Love begets love and politeness begets politeness. So, in order to create peaceful and happy atmosphere, we should be kind to everyone. Our dealings with the rich and the poor should be equal. Through courtesy, we can remove all evils from our society. Courtesy helps a man to become a true Muslim and a good citizen.

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“A tree is known by its fruit, a man by his deeds.”

Courtesy is sacred emotion. It is a blessing of Allah. It paves the way to Allah. It demands us to be polite and kind in every field of life. Manners are not law but they have a hold upon our life like laws. Good manners cannot be restored through law has no concern with manners. Courtesy pays a lot both worldly and spiritually. It brings happiness and satisfaction. We should be kind to the poor, the helpless, the elderly people, the young, the blind, the sick and the lame. The Holy Prophet (SAW) was very courteous and polite. The Holy Quran also lays stress on adopting good manners:

“The grace of God is courtesy”

“The best amongst ye is the one whose manners are the best” Good manners are infectious. They pass from one person to another and influence the whole society. When we meet others, we should convey the words of “Salaam” and good wishes. It we are polite to a man that man will be polite to others. In this way good manners make life good and desirable. Courtesy spreads love. It makes the true Muslim. It builds the character of a nation. It makes us loving and tolerant. On the other hand, courtesy really makes everyday life more pleasant and meaningful. So, we should meet others with smiling face and develop cordial relations with them. It keeps the machine of life running.

“Small courtesies sweeten life, the greater ennoble it”