Letter to a friend about the

Letter to a friend about the profession you want to adopt

Examination Hall,


Feb 08, 2021

Dear Ahmed,

I received your letter a week ago. I could not reply to you timely because I was thinking to decide my career ahead. As you know that I passed my intermediate with brilliant marks, I had to decide which profession would I adopt in the future. I spend days and nights thinking about it. I took pieces of advice from the elders. I consulted my teachers and even examined my temperament.

Since you asked me to write to you about my career selection, I intend to share with you that I have decided to pursue the field of Public Administration. I have applied to a well-known university in Pakistan to get admission in the BS degree program in Public Administration.

As for my profession, I believe in dreaming high. So I have decided to go for CSS after completing my degree. Although CSS is a challenging pursuit, I can attempt it well and crack it with the help of my field.

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Public Administration is a field in which you learn the essentials and methods of dealing with the public through social institutions. CSS also offers brighter opportunities for selection and allocation for degree holders in Public Administration. After carefully observing the cons and pros of this decision, I have finally taken it.

Convey my salaam to Uncle and lots of love for your younger siblings, particularly Ali.

Your friend,


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