Letter to your father giving reasons

Write a letter to your father giving reasons why he should not press you to marry soon

House No. 152,
Officers Colony,

Dear Father,

Your letter of the 2nd instant touched a serious topic. The proposal for my marriage is so abrupt and unexpected that I am taken by surprise.

I am only an Intermediate student as yet. Allow me to have a dip in the sea of knowledge before I have to bear other responsibilities. To have a partner so soon will mean a break with my books. If I get married now, I will not be able to pay sufficient attention to my studies. I will earn a failure as a result.

Moreover, I am planning to go abroad after completing my studies here. A wife, surely, will stand in my way. Going abroad will mean giving her worrying thoughts, unhappy hours, endless and tiring waiting and also restlessness to me. A wife will put me in fix.

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Besides, I feel I must give a thought to the question of marriage. So far I had no time to do so. I must get better acquainted with sex and problems of married life before I get married.

Above all, I want to be self-supporting, I do not want to tax you for my wife as well. I have already burdened you too much. I want to stand on my own legs. I request you to reconsider your proposal.

Respect to mother and regards to all at home

yours affectionately,

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