Story Nip the Evil in the Bud

Story Nip the Evil in the Bud

Many years ago, there was a poor old woman. She had an only son who was very dear to her. She would never rebuke him even he did his evil things. She loved him too much to scold him for his wrongs. One day her son came with a toy he had stolen from the school. Instead of advising him and discouraging him, the woman smiled and ignored his wrong act. This type of response from his mother encouraged the boy and he began to steal things from school. Every day, he came with a new thing stolen from school and his mother said nothing.

As he grew up, he started stealing the things from neighboring houses.

As a result, he grew up a notorious thief. He would not care even for human lives that came his way. At last, he committed a murder and was caught by the police. He was sentenced to death.

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His last wish before death was to see his mother. When they brought her, she tried to embrace him. As soon as she did so, he bit off her ear and the old woman began screaming. Every one present cursed him for his mad act. But they were soon satisfied when they heard the story from the prisoner.
He told them that it was she who was the cause of his death. She had not taught him the difference between right and wrong. Had she been good enough to discourage him from stealing petty things from school he would not have been hanged today.

Moral Lesson: Nip the evil in the bud.

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