“A library is a hospital for the mind”

With the spread of literacy, the need for more books increased. To fulfill this desire, more and more books were published. Therefore, the places of keeping them in order were called libraries. Mass education programme is bound to suffer adversely if there are no free libraries for students.
A library is a building where books on all topics are available. Everyone can become the member of the library. No great expenses are involved. In this age of dearness, when everyone is worried to make his both ends meet, he cannot buy all the books himself. Only library fulfills his desire. These days, there are mobile libraries as well. They provide books to people living at places far from the cities.

“Books are the mirrors of the soul”

Libraries are a store-house of knowledge and learning. They are a collection of books on various topics. They are an integral part of every educational institution.” They are essential for every good student. Libraries play a great role in creating and satisfying the thirst for knowledge. Every lover of books can resort to a library. He can read newspapers, journals, magazines and other informative material.

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Libraries provide the books on specific branches of science, current affairs, politics, public opinion and even domestic affairs. A politician can find books of his choice. A businessman can study the methods of running the business and raising his profit. A student can increase his knowledge and bbtain good marks in. the examination. The reading rooms in the libraries create a sense of discipline, research, inquiry and fellowship.

“Without libraries, what do we have? We have no past and no future”

But unfortunately, our school libraries are not functioning properly. There are practically no readings or borrowing facilities. There is no whole-time staff for libraries. Moreover, there are not many big libraries in our society. The working hours of the existing libraries are very odd. They open when the people and the students are busy. They close in the evening when the people and the students have time to go there. Our government is not paying any special attention to libraries. Lack of funds is a major problem of the libraries. The government should remove these difficulties and make the libraries up-to-date.