Write a letter to your son

Being a father, write a letter to your son to admonish him for being careless in his studies.

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
December 03, 2016

Dear son,
I have just received your progress report from your school. It is very discouraging indeed. You have badly failed in Chemistry and Biology in your 2nd term exams. Your report also tells that you are not attending classes regularly. This neglect on your part has hurt everyone at home. So much so, your mother could not believe it for hours. You are not supposed to be careless in your studies.

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I warn you to mend your ways or else I shall be obliged to withdraw you from school. I hope you will try to make up your deficiency and save us from further disappointment. Do be regular and punctual. For next, don’t let your school send me such reports.

Yours affectionate,

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