Moon Soon / Rainy Day


“Nature, like man, sometimes weeps for gladness”

Rains in rainy season bring great charm, attraction and jubilation. No one can help enjoying the rainy season.

It was the 2nd week of July. The sun was shining fiercely and was making the atmosphere oppressively hot. The scorching sun was unbearable. It has been very close since morning. It was very difficult to breathe because of heat. Everybody was perspiring from head to foot. Everyone was looking to the sky and praying for rain. The newspapers carried the teports of deaths by heat-stroke or exhaustion and the death-toll was mounting every day.

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Allah took pity on His creature. Suddenly, black clouds appeared on the horizon. In no time, they covered the whole sky. People were very happy to see it and expected rain. A cool breeze began to blow. There was a flash of lightning, quickly followed by a clap of thunder. The clouds turned thicker and thicker, darker and darker. Soon it started drizzling and then large drops began to fall. The moment they fell the dry earth sucked them. It was followed by a heavy shower

“The one, who says, sunshine is the cause of pleasure, can never dance in the rain.”

The rain continued for three hours. The streets changed into streams of water, The fields were filled to the brim. Young boys ran out of their houses to enjoy a bath. They splashed at one another, floated paper boats and ate mangoes.

The fierceness of the weather finished. A cool breeze began to blow. A new current of life ran every where. The high walls were drenched. The leaves of the trees began to glitter. The crops were washed. The birds began to sing and dance in ecstasy. The atmosphere became clean and pleasant. The light vehicles broke down on the flooded roads. Motor-byclists slipped and fell into the pools of water. Nobody felt sorry rather everyone looked happy and thanked Allah.

“Rain is not water it is love of sky for earth”