My Favourite Book

My Favourite Book

“Books are uniquely portable magic”

Books are a wonderful blessing. They provide us guidance in the difficulties of”.. life. They console us in distress. They are the best companions of loneliness. No doubt, books are a valuable treasure. But all are not favourite. I have studied books on religion, politics, literature and many other topics. All of them are good but the best favourite of mine is the Holy Quran.

“The Quran is the only Book where the Author is in love with the Reader”

This is not written by a man. This is the word of Allah. Allah himself is its Author. This is revealed upon the last Prophet of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). The miracle of this book is that it is the most widely read and most easily memorized book of all. Even a small child of seven or eight years retains it. It is the same as it was revealed. No change has occurred in its word, message or meaning.

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It is written in the Arabic language. Owing to its blessing the Arabic language has also become very vast and ever fresh. It is written in half-poetry and half-prose. Its language is very forceful. Its message is very appealing and practicable. It provides guidance to all the people of all the areas of all the ages. It can meet the challenges of all the times. The words in Quran are as follows:

“And Allah found you lost: and guided you”

It is complete code of life. It covers all the aspects of human conduct and behaviour. It tells the stories of the defunct nations in order to give us also tells us about the world hereafter. The Muslims recite it daily. Allah is pleased with its recitation. He awards us goodness against each of its alphabet.

Both the Muslims and Non-Muslims study it for guidance. It provides not only religious knowledge but also knowledge of science and physical world. We should study it, understand the meanings and the message get guidance from it and act upon it. May Allah help us!

“A book is like a garden carried in the pocket”